Got curious and fired up CE after almost a year

I left CE almost a year ago due to the seemingly endless frustration from performance issues, bugs, and most notably, the intolerable stuttering. I was admittedly quite harsh towards Funcom. Hey, I paid for a game and expected it to run right and I always unapologetically say what’s on my mind. Someone gets offended, that’s their problem…I don’t edit how I feel or how I choose to express myself. Not happenin’.

Around 10 days ago, I got curious and fired up the game to see if anything had changed…holy crap.
The game runs smooth as butter…not a twitch and, unless I’m seeing things, looks better than it did before. The strain on my system is nothing like it was and I didn’t change a thing on my computer. Same everything on this end.

To Funcom, Bravo Zulu folks. It’s like playing a new game after a year of being away…and a good one at that. I was so impressed with the progress, I picked up Siptah.

To the guys on the forums including one Funcom employee who blamed me and/or my rig on the performance issues…how’s that crow tasting? Looks like it wasn’t me or my rig after all. :wink:

Thanks for the work and putting up with savages like me Funcom. You done good.
I’m back and loving it. I now have three dedicated private servers running for myself and my friends and have even dabbled in some mods. This truly feels like a new game. :slight_smile:

All that said, I have a couple questions. Why’d crafting get split up into so many work benches? Not that I mind, but wow. There’s even a separate bench for toilet paper, I think. And why is Siptah so dark? I have to adjust my gamma when I change up maps. Just curious…it’s no problem adjusting the slider. Oh, one other thing. Is Siptah going to get fast travel any time soon? I find myself running and climbing more than crushing my enemies, driving them before me, and listening to the lamentation of their women. Wait…come to think of it, I kill their women too. :smiley:


Welcome back, it’s great to see you. I’m glad things are finally smoove.

Wait until you see the size of some of them, bigger than battleships. I put the Dye Bench on my roof and an Acheronian Fighter Jet landed on it.


Yes my frend that returned told the same experians!

Hey… I was thinking to come back to the game too, I stopped maybe 2 years ago (1,5?) for the same reasons somehow, so I decided to relog here on the forum to see if there is any reason to come back.
Honest question that needs an honest answer:
how much does CE occupy now in my PS4, trizillion of gigabytes I presume?

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It takes 115GB on PC. I don’t know if that translates the same on consoles.

uhm, all of it? :wink:

Welcome back, Tselem, great to see you too.

My living room PS4 is all digital, it’s at 110GB. My disc-based study PS4 is at around 117, but that may be video captures too.

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Welcome back! Hopefully you enjoy all the new updates!

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My game on series X is over 150 gigs, I wonder if that’s because of the upgrade? My Xbox one burned out so I can’t check it to see if it’s smaller there

@stelagel says his is 140 gigs. He’s in a different region from mine, so let’s just say anywhere from 120 to 150 gigs.


Maybe some of the DLC’s aren’t loaded by default and only when purchased. That’d explain the differences in folk’s used space. Not sure how that works.

The third from the top says the size of the game

I am still on ps4 :pensive:, my ps5 is not delivered yet.

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Just did Sony’s version of verify (safe mode rebuild DB) and it rolled me back to 1.61 oh boy. It says the entire size will be 127.1 GB for me when it’s done.

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Oh geez… thanks for the replies guys, currently I do not have all that space in my fat old noisy PS4, I’ll consider it in the upcoming times!
(I’m an offline player, I have no DLC and I hate having occupied space by things I won’t use.)

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I wish over builders and weekly refreshers on officials had this built in mindset so servers could be a true shared space. :slight_smile:


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