Got my zeal of Yog stolen (514 of them) is that even possible?

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Hey every1, I’m new on here and have no clue if what I\m writing is gonna show.

Basically I’ve been playing on server 3821 for quite a while now and we have a war with a clan named The Guardian\s and in yesterday raid, they managed to steal 514 Zeal of Yog and 5 Zeal of i don\t care which one lol. I also had one with 500 on the dot and they couldn’t take that one.

Can anyone help me out on what to do about this or let me know if thats a new thing since the mew updates. If I remember correctly, I think Gods were taking out of the game for a long time for the same reason.

Thanks for your help and support on this mather and looking forwards to your reply’s

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The last time I tried to move Zeal was before the update and it would not let me. Have not tried since.

@WhatMightHaveBeen hey I know you pvp do you have a answer for our friend here thanks in advance

Someone could have crafted something that consumed it all, especially if they brought their own stuff to finish the requirements

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That makes sense I generally build around or remove materials. He needs to check event log.

Thanks all for your answers. There was no crafting done but looks like the Zeal never got stolen after all

It does show in my event log that they stored 514 Zeal of Yog but they are still today when I went and check.

Sry for the miss lead here. I should of double check b4 posting. Once again thanks for your replies.


@Frenchy3131 glad to hear you figured it out this game has some confusion built in. All questions are good and useful that is how we learn.

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I tried to take zeal out of my alter just now and it won’t let me so I have no idea how they did it to you…

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not supposed to be able to move zeal. May be a bug/exploit…but the ones i may or may not have known about were pretty much fixed over a year ago.

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I thinl what OP was actually on about is when you try to remove the zeal. It will tell you that you can move the item but it will show in the other persons eventlog as if you had stolen it

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