Got purged by whatever the heck these things are, anyone have a clue what and why?

said it was yetis but these most certainly do not look like yetis, giant purple undead things with crowns and capes and curved swords, they seem to be invincible, i cant damage the darn things. they have really large foreheads, honestly they kinda look like aliens or something , the top of the head curves back like the xenomorphs almost. again, wish i could just show you.

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ok, it appears to be warmaker klael, how the heck do i kill warmaker klael?

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Sounds like you are running mods. Probably something from AoC.

i dont even know what AoC is but i dont have any mods which would be that, but you might be right. the purge ended but i still have like 6 warmakers tearing apart my ground floor, gradually tearing down my whole base

Post your mod list. It is not a vanilla issue. I don’t think AoC has this type of purge unless it is something new.

ill have to type i out since im not yet able to share screenshots.

weaty’s armor pack v1.4.1
female wheel of pain
high satack and low encumbrance
thurnock’s better entertainers
faster elevator
out of the wheel

cant think of how any of these would cause an invincible npc to spawn during a purge but im open to any ideas or help, since my base is slowly being torn to scraps lol

so based on this mod list my guess will be:
FamaleSpawn100 - mod hasn’t been updated since 11.May.2018

Other mods which may cause issues:
Thrall_Catcher - no idea what it does but last update was 24.Feb.2019
Female Wheel of Pain - last update 19.May.2018

And I have no clue what this mod is. I couldn’t find it on steam’s workshop:

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ok thrall catcher jsut turns the base dfamage of all bludgeons to 0, makes cathcing thralls faster.

ascendia is ascended armoury or something like that, high power late game weapons.

Yeah, I’d have to say that if you have given a complete list of your mods, it would most likely be due to Ascendia. The others won’t produce new “purge” monsters. Ascendia is the only mod that I’m not familiar with (nor can find on the Steam Workshop).

Are you sure that’s a complete list of your mods? Because I’m not really seeing anything that would cause what you are describing.

yeah, didnt add any other fancy mods. not a clue what would have caused it, came rather outta the blue

Anything that adds database entries could potentially cause wrong NPCs and items to spawn if not kept up to date.

I didn’t even know Warmaker Klael could attack.

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