Got robbed and don't know how


I play on the server 6415 EU. PVP, Siptah. It’s challenging, but fun.

Today my base was robbed, at 3:45 p.m. London time, so not in the raid time window. All things were stolen from the unlocked benches. I have no openings in the base, nor any windows. The base is attached to a rock wall.

In the event log there are a lot of entries with the player “daosss () stole …”.

I want to understand how the player was able to break into my base outside of raid time?

they undermeshed into your base. Same thing happened to us on 6151 at 9:04 AM yesterday. The most frustrating part is the undermeshers have been reported to funcom for over a month and nothing has been done. They have totally destroyed the fun of the game. I log on now and think, what is the point? Anything I do is to give them. So why grind so much for nothing? And this newest patch is so much more grind. So much more base room is needed, so many more thralls (which we already struggled to get), its just too much grind


Sumrrain is correct. There is a group on Siptah server hopping and undermeshing in to bases.


Thanks for the answers. I’ve already thought of that, but I’m happy to learn at any time. Tried to find out the current situation regarding undermeshing in this forum. Apparently, Funcom is not taking action against this unintended “play style”. The community officer confirms that this “style of play” is not allowed. If, however, the user does not experience any consequences when exercising the unauthorized act, is this ultimately considered permitted or tolerated?

Because if that were the case, I would like to learn this technique. Would like to have my earned items back.

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Hmm what did they do? Dont realy understand.

Meines Erachtens nach kümmert sich Funcom erst um die Undermesher wenn genug Reports gegen einen Clan bzw. die jeweiligen Spieler eingegangen sind. Das kann Monate dauern und tut es auch. Daher hast du auf allen offizielen Servern schlechte Karten wenn es um Supporthilfe geht. Daher auch an dich der Tipp, vergiss die offizielen Server, da verschwendest du nur deine Zeit mit. Such dir einen kuscheligen privaten Server mit aktiven Admins. Da wirst du glücklicher mit. Es ist traurig das so zu sagen, aber ich hab so das Gefühl, das die Probleme absichtlich von Funcom ignoriert werden, weil weniger Server kosten weniger Geld. Und wenn die Leute auf privaten spielen, brauchen sie eben keine zig eigenen mehr und können kürzen.

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This evening I created an official non official server to replicate everything about the game except the cheaters. This seems to be the only solution.

Hey, this happened today at 6414 server, russians glitching and ALSO removing BLOCKS :smiley: during non raid hours :smiley: soooo funny that we new =)

unfortunately, I means I don’t get to meet and play with people like you because private servers just don’t get the foot traffic. But that is where our clan has moved to in order to not stop playing entirely.

to avoid that you need to build base totally closed, means foundations on ground, and wall and roof in every direction (even where there is a rock moutain, because otherwise they can come from there)

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Corect on a pvp server you cant build nice and fun, just box bunkers…

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