Got run off Official PvP server we were transferred too in the Trim, can we have 2xXP and harvest rates back sometime?

So my Clan got transferred to an empty server by the server trim. A few new players showed up. Then they all started complaining a player was raiding them with cheats/hacks. Then we got raided in 4 locations in one night by a player who was only on during raiding hours which lead me to wonder how they got all these explosive jars. Then they repeated it the next night. They got all the items we carried from the previous server and by then most of the other players appeared to have quit the server. They were not logging on anyway. Was this person actually cheating? I have no idea.

So we quit Exiles PvP for a PvE-C server. IMHO, Exiles PvP will never work like it is. Well no one ever raided my base while I was online anyway. Not in over three years. It is what it is.

So I can’t be the only player who had to leave the server they were transferred to with practically nothing. 2xXP and harvest rates soon would help.

There was a bomb exploit for a few weeks that could get a person free bombs in exponential proportions. This guy probably was already there or was going to attack the previous server and delayed it due to the transfer.

IMHO, PVP has sort of lost it’s fun factor due to this exploit and the fact that there wasn’t a cleansing of the servers of all bombs after the fix so what mass produced inventories were made, are still there. I lost about half of my 5 servers worth during this time due to the exploit and I was moving things around due to the trimming transfers. Spilled milk now but still I’m seeing huge amounts of explosives casually being used like it’s made of stone. It’s sort of lost something at this point…especially if you are a small clan or solo player.

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Ya the good thing is u left pvp for pve c. Pvp is not worth playing anymore u just can`t make it.

No, this guy was new to the server. I was of course watching the server for the months leading up to the transfer. I met with the players on it and they seemed very nice. But they all left for many reasons before the transfer occurred.

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