Gotta read this Twitter thread

Dunno who is the player behind it, but I kinda agree with many points.

Read here

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An interesting read, to be sure. I just hope that people reading the rant remember that decisions made by upper management (regarding things such as marketing, commercial relations and funding, which are probably dictated to some extent by Tencent) aren’t necessarily mirrored by the staff that we get to interact with. The programmers, artists, community managers etc. are just people like the rest of us trying to pay their bills and feed their families. I have enormous respect for them, who’ve worked to continue bring us so much joy from the game! I just wish the company itself would show that it’s giving the game the same love.

That said, Daimon Kiyota told me where I’m going next, and I’ll hold him to it! :smiley:


I guess one upside of Funcom never shutting down their MMOs is that we’ll still be relitigating this nonsense when the sun swallows the earth :v:

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If there’s any justice, this will happen before the end of the year.

Maybe it already happened…

interesting to read