(GPN)Adventure Fantasy18+ Rp, SafeZones,PvP, Exploration

All Communities Welcome: PVP/RP/Survivalist
New open 70 slot Fantasy/Survival PVP server that just Started. 18+ (No whitelist)

Clean map meaning plenty of room for you and your friends to find the perfect spot for your base. This is a Fantasy style server with a safe zone for every Faction and a guide placed at the Sentinals. We have plenty of hidden Goodies so Exploration is encouraged.
Our focus with this server is to give everybody a pleasant pvp experience where everybody is equal.
and also a couple of Custom hard level Dungeons and Rebel Camps.
I believe in an open and free Rp Environment.
-Wanna be a Sand Bandit-Be a Bandit
-Hardcore Viking -Get your raid on
-Honorable Knight- Go and do it
-Hermit- Build your Nut hut and enjoy your peace and quit
-Wanna be a king- well hope you have the men and resources to defend against the Vikings and Bandits

(All I ask are that a few simple rules be followed )

Rules: (All rules are up to the Admins to Interpretation and enforcement you may appeal through me the owner contact through Discord)

  1. No building within the same grid point as dungeons, major thrall cities, lore/recipes Locations, and no outposts.
  2. No harassing or griefing of any kind (all are welcome here)
  3. English only in Global chat
  4. Max clan size: is however big you wanna be
  5. If you are caught hacking you and your whole clan will be banned from the server. Any evidence collected will be sent to Funcom and Valve with the recommendation for vac ban(hacker only not clan)
    PVP and raiding is enabled 24/7

The server multipliers are as follows: (Vanilla rates) (Long nights & Rough Days)
Harvest: 1x
XP: 1x
Crafting time: 1.0
Thrall/pet conversion: 0.5
Resource respawn: 1.0
Thirst and hunger: 1.0
Combat: all default
Equipment is dropped on death and players stay in the world after logging off
Avatars: enabled
Purge: Enabled
Base Decay:
The server name is:(GPN)Adventure Fantasy18+ SafeZones, RP, PvP, Exploration Encourage
Server Adress: [ Port:7897

Open PVP - New server - No admin abuse -
The server is hosted by Logic servers and is located in Dallas Tx, NA
With all that said feel free to contact me with any questions on just join if you feel convinced.

Perfect server setting…but no mods :frowning:

Perfect settings did I miss it say PC or PS4?