Gportal , bad service, server 1930 keep crashing now on daily basis,

i just cant understand the level of incompetence shown by gportal,… lags spiking all the time, (since free weekend) bad performance, and now crashes every day several times a day (yesterday the server crashed 4 times. today its our first crash. pretty sure more to come.

funcom why on earth did you choose a very unreliable hosting service for the official ones?

(i am very concerned with evertying i am seeing over our ofiicial server (1930)

thank you.

second crash of tonight… good job gportal!

I’m almost positive I am doing this. Everytime I place this same pillar, the server goes down.

Only 4, we had 10+ yesterday. Official server, its down now too.

Thralls keeps delayed when on follow. Mine didnt even return yesterday. Something is way off… Purge keeps crashing…

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