Gracias for Bringing Us Back Online

Lest I be accused of having a double-standard, thanks to the Funcom team for bringing us back online so we can continue playing the game. I posted three times on the forum saying I couldn’t get online, so I figured I should at least make one post showing my appreciation now that I can. Besides, nothing wrong with a little positivity every now and again, ya know?


Exactly. I believe that we were all overwhelmed by what happened especially since it was day 2 and not the first day.


Yep. First time I tried to log in yesterday I got this “You can play only Single-Player” message - which was of course fine by me, but I can certainly understand how that would make many players rather upset. Some time later that error was gone.

Mods seem to be working now too; apparently there was an issue where the DevKit labeled mods with a wrong version number and thus made them incompatible, or something like that. (It’s not that I couldn’t play without Fashionist… I just don’t want to.)

Now to go gather some skulls for the skull throne.

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