Graphic bug in new expansion

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Graphic bug

graphic bug at coordinates C6, complete darkness in field of view.

walked into C6 got black screen in field of view.

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when lightning strikes graphics go black

Can you post the exact coordinates: left alt+shift+L to activate/deactivate, ctrl+a to select (text is marked in blue), ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+v to paste them here?

it was a friend that was playing, i had not yet bought the expansion yet, but as he was running through that square on the map the graphic went black atleast 15 times, i was watching him play in Discord live stream

Had a graphic bug @ this point TeleportPlayer 204973.859375 97770.289063 -14731.983398 entire screen turned blue purple, have image of it if needed

Hey there,

Just to verify, are you playing with any mods?

No mods

also posted about another thing that happened earlier today in a different post

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