Graphics glitch and wheel of pain

Game mode: [Single and online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA]

So just recently, I have been experiencing this ‘purple shade’ on the black ice re-enforced walls…the wooden side. It hasn’t gone away and it’s only been within these past two weeks. Restarting the server did nothing, and just moving a save file about just seems to turn it into a cancerous growth. As for the wheel of pain, that one’s been going on for years, it’s actually why I initially uninstalled the game. Because their hair color use to be black, or dark brown, whichever it was. It’s not now, hasn’t been for months. They’re their respective genders. Their hair is just bright white. Every wheel of pain is like that though. Pretty sure it wasn’t before since it cropped up on a major update where servers had to be restarted. It never went away. Also bought a friend CE, he got the same white hair weirdos. So it’s not me, as he had never had the files before, thus can’t have the time to corrupt them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just stay around a wheel of pain, or the black ice re-enforced walls. Literally it. It’s a processing mishap obviously. Something to do with light probably.