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After a while of playing the graphics kind of wash out and seems to be worse since the last update. When I first got the game this never happened. I have included pictures.

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Everytime the graphics wash out I know ill be dashboarded within 40 minutes. This does not happen with my other games it only happens in Conan and when I first got the game this never happened, its gotten worse after the last update. Will there be a fix for this?


I have noticed the same thing since the patch, sometimes if you See the washout stop doing anything and give the game a few seconds to catch up, I have had some luck avoiding dashboarding this way. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does! Happy surviving!

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The Xbox build has a serious memory leak, and as the client sees the amount of available memory decrease, it’s switching to low res textures in an effort to “save itself”, so to speak. What you’re seeing shouldn’t be happening, but the behavior is by design.

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And as a previous poster mentioned, when you see this happen, your game is about to crash. Get to a safe place, logout and completely quit the game and restart. Or you will be visiting with the dashboard at an inopportune time, guaranteed.

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I agree. I’m tired of them pretending everything they do as a company is normal, none of us have ever experienced such a problem with any game/company… ever! It won’t be long until they face legal action the way this is going, ignoring everything that’s negative for a company of Funcom’s stature is appalling to say the least.


If you’re seeing this issue please note that structures will also take longer to load in as well as distances from where they load will be less than usual, you need to dash board within an hour of seeing this happen it’s called a memory leak… it happens a lot of the time and there is no quick fix. I’m sure Funcom will fix it eventually but their main concerns for console will be the 2.3 patch and isles after that…

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