Grass and building

I thought I read that you had thought of a solution concerning the vegetation
do you think you can solve this annoying little problem?

a photo to illustrate my words, I’m afraid of writing badly.

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Hide Grass When Buildings or Placeables are on Top? (57:39):

Alex wondered out loud if they could hide grass when Buildings or Placeables have been placed down (a highly requested feature from the Conan player community). Joel and Jens said that it was something they have pushed for and tried to do for a very long time. Joel believes they “probably can one day,” but obviously that isn’t a guarantee that it will happen. Still, for those who really have been wanting such a feature, it’s nice to know they have at least tried and are continuing to try.(1)

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This is something alot of Devs try to work on. Only been small strides over years. =/

Foilage, thats placeable, should be on easier list of things to despawn.

Some grass/plants is spray painted on (easy way word it) FO4 removes some of foilage, but grass will always poke thru. (thou there engine has stuff listed in groups, so removing one and not group can be a issue)

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Thank you it’s clear!

For some reason when I load into games this happens but then they disappear after they recognize there is placements either on the objects or around them. Not sure if it’s my graphics settings or what. But it’s definitely nice not having foliage inside my home, or in rugs.

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