Grave Matter Event - Loot drop issue

I have 2 servers up(1 exiled lands and 1 siptah hosted by Gportal). So far no players have gotten anything else than the potion of lost souls to drop from the event chests. Anyone else experiencing the same or know anything about this potential “bug” ?

Current Mods on both servers are:
1: Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.8.3
2: MultiChar
3: Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - 2.3.4
4: Resource Stack Size - 10k + Vanilla Weight
5: Coffre /Rangement /Decoration
6: YavasAnimalPen
7: Animal and Horse Taming Places
8: automatic fish trap v1.1.2
9: Glass Constructions and more…
10: Emberlight 3.2.9
11: IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Decor
12: Dudes Delightful Decorations
13: Fashionist v4.2.3
14: Better Thralls v1.9.16
15: LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.5
16: Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.3.11
17: Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.4.10
18: GCam down to 60

So i downloaded the savegames from both servers to test in solo with and without mods active to see if it was a mod issue but in solo the Event wont even start at all so that didn’t help.

Turns out the problem is the Mod making the Event rewards completely vanish from the game, they don’t drop and they don’t excist in the admin panel as long as that mod is in use. Both servers now working perfectly :+1:

Edit: oh i forgot to paste it in… it is the Mod: automatic fish trap v1.1.2
Also removing this Mod has made the Event work in Solo/co-op mode.


Specifically which mod are you referring to?

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oh i forgot to paste it in… it is the automatic fish trap v1.1.2

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This is now sorted. Mod Creator has sorted it and both me and him tested it in singleplay/co-op mode, and i tested it on both my Gportal servers and it’s working as it should there :slight_smile:

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