Gravity Well Death in Dark Agartha Resulting in Rubber banding and unable to run/move smoothly

SO 2 weeks ago one one of my lower alts i ran an E1 ( which i do daily on alts ) on reaching 3rd boss Hell demon boss after succumbing due to not having correct gadget on, on re entering zone i found i couldnt run and was literally stuttering in my movement ( end result loss of AP /SP ) as was literally unable to complete said instance. petition sent regarding this. no reply to petition after 2 weeks so petition deleted, jump forward to today same thing happens again, died to gravity pull switched gadget and lo and behold same glitched movement , died thru jumping over edge re entered DA loaded proper gadget 3rd boss same crap again. end result lost of 30 SP and 14 AP and uncompleted DA on something i do daily w/o no real issue, except when it comes to gravity well ( no other effect in instance does this ) can some one please look in to annoying feature. cheers

If I understand correctly what happened then it is old TSW bug. I think it happens when you die being hindered. Common occurrence is when you die due to bomb add on Pol5 boss in e5+ difficulty. I was given a workaround by some player: change your sprint speed to lower level. For me it worked when I switched from sp6 to sp4 (but not to sp5).

The death and rubberbanding in Polaris is due to dying in electricity (be it from boss 2 or boss 5, or even boss 3 in the water when electrified, not sure about the latter though).

I’ve encountered the rubberbanding bug in DA twice.