Great addition to what used to work once

Amazing , I make a character, female, cause that is who conan rescues. I wander about the wonderous desert, looking to survive. (I only have 900 hours on the game). I have been awaiting sorcery in conan exiles well, since the pre release day. I find myself a nice island in the middle of the river, and clear it out. I need food, and go search, and luckily I find all I need to survive. I adapt and overcome, I even level, spending everything I earned when I reached this little sand spot island in the middle of the river. I give myself a fire, as its a great storage place, that burns beside the grass bedroll, cooking a little raw meat. Time to create a building pad to put all this, after all I spent the points into it… TWICE, I MIGHT ADD, once for each character attempt. The game doesn’t seem to want to accept the fact that I put the skill points into creating foundations and walls. Well Not sure If I am gonna spend any more money on this thing… already own it all, and it still doesn’t work after… How many years???

Did you craft a construction hammer? Equip and press F. This is how you build in Age of Sorcery.


I am dying from laughter.


err thanks… never seen that in the list. I will try that, when I find it.
Ok I have another question then, about multiplayer, what is with all the question marks, and my ping being too high? That looks like a real mess. So what did I miss there?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sounds like you’ve joined a public server based on the other side of the world from you. Try joining a server with a lower ping. You can see this in the server list

It is showing my ping is 9999 or ??? on every server, even when I just select my region.

So my solution was to physical reset of the router. Now servers are showing up on the list. This is like an entirely new game.Thanks for all the help.

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