Great difficulty to see the names of allies in pvp!

When fighting clan battles, it is very difficult to see the names of their own allies and distinguish them from their enemies. This is because the distance needed to see another player’s name is too short, causing you to accidentally hit an ally. Being able to see the names of allies and / or enemies from far away would solve the problem and make PvP much more interesting. An even better solution would be to create a way to differentiate the names of allies and enemies.

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Welcome to life. The same issue has plagued people for generations.

Might I suggest a more colorful approach. Coordinate with your alliance mates before hand. Standardize not only on a type of armor but on a bright dye job for that armor which stands out. Like all wear hyena helmets with orange Mohawks for one fight. Obviously you will have to switch up between fights but at least you will get a clear visual indicator.


Agreed, it’s part of realistic fighting. Coordination is success.

It’s why uniforms are a thing in real life. :slightly_smiling_face:

Use similar color’d armor and don’t have that issue.

Works till someone die.

Yeah but when they die, they spawn at either their bed or bedroll. If I was running a complicated Op like this, I would create a forward base near enough to the raiding objecting and use bedrolls there. I would also add a chest or two with spare combat gear as I would want people back in the fight faster instead of searching for a corpse.

Now granted, you will run out of armor, but that would be a raid limit or a time to have a special runner recover corpses.

Now the only danger would be someone killing a corpse and raiding the armor. But at this point you are gerting into some tough areas.

I agree with OP, would be nice to see the names of allies more clearly.

I’m colorblind. Dunno if this sounds a bit demanding but most big games have colorblind mode these days, some even have a bunch of different colorblind modes. Colors aren’t exactly vibrant in this game either, which suits the atmosphere of the game but makes it harder to recognise by color alone.

Are bad in PvP. The type of armor people use when engaging in PvP is very similar because there aren’t a huge variety of builds, not to mention that because of the + in attributes armor gives, people have planned their PvP builds with specific armor pieces in mind.

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