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Check this video out. Whats next for Conan? Some great ideas in here. I would love to see some of these implanted.


A good Video here.
I liked the straight forward “even the most dedicated players will…”

I get what you’re saying, but it gets lost in all of the comparison with Ark. Apples and oranges.

What Conan Exiles really needs is a sustainable, fun, and interactive time sink; something that keeps us logging in every day while enjoying that reason. What that is could be many things, but it needs something. When current content becomes stale after just two weeks there’s a problem.


Exactly. There are some really good points in the video about the community communication and cohesion, etc. But the whole video is based on the premise of “Ark and Rust have so many players compared to Conan Exiles, what should be done to fix that” and I find that premise flawed.

You know what has more players than Conan Exiles, Ark, and Rust together? CS:GO. Yes, I know it’s a different genre, but that doesn’t matter as much as people think. After all, you pick a genre according to your tastes. Likewise, you pick a game within a genre according to your tastes. You can try to appeal to a broader audience, but that’s not always a good thing.

I’ve looked at Ark and Rust, and I’ll be honest: I don’t care how popular they are. I’m grateful to have a game like this that suits my tastes much better than Ark or Rust could. If that means that Conan Exiles is “niche” compared to them, then I’m perfectly happy with that.


Yeah rust is absolutely nothing like Conan with one exception. No endgame content. I’m not sure what version of rust this guy has seen but it’s no better than Conan with regards to content. Pve once you have guns is no challenge. Pvp is the same as Conan, build base, farm, craft satchels or rockets and blow in to others bases to nick the same gear as you stole from the last base. Most of the big you tubers for rust use rp elements to keep themselves and their audience engaged. No different from Conan here either. I’ve only played a couple of hours of ark but it was by the far the most toxic and frankly crappiest gaming experience of my life lol :joy: neither game compared to Conan has the immersion capabilities that Conan offers to me.
There’s plenty of things that could be done to improve longevity of the game. I really like the idea of events and holiday themed stuff, if implemented properly these would definitely see me logging in for longer, more often. But the comparisons to other games needs to stop :raised_hand:. It’s Conan, not rust and not ark and trying to make it more like those games would damage it in my opinion and probably drive people away instead of attracting them. Bottom line if I want a game like ark or rust than I’ll play ark or rust lol :man_shrugging:


Yes! Once the game starts to “appeal to a wider base” it won’t be Conan as we know it.

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