Grenades rework

Grenades need a re-work, there seems to be no reason why you cannot throw a grenade to many squares that are red, you can do all the set up you won’t, kick off combat and then find you cannot use a grenade for an open space right in front of you. I could not throw a smoke grenade on top of a kids slide one tile away from me, there is no game reason or lore reason and it is very annoying, definitely needs a look at.

You should use your mouse wheel to change levels to for example top level of a slide, or below your current position. :slight_smile:

Just gonna throw this here…Is there a way to swap grenades during combat? I feel like if you have different types of throwable items on your person, you should be able to choose which one to use rather than it defaulting to the top slot.

You can swap grenades in combat the same way you swap weapons, as long as you have equiped more than one grenade before combat. Characters start out with 2 grenade slots.

Your mouse wheel can change the “level” you’re throwing the grenade to. So if you’re trying to throw a grenade to someone standing on a roof, you’ll need to scroll up in order to do it :slight_smile:

You swap between the two grenade slots with the X key, so long as they have grenades equipped

You swap between the two grenade slots with the X key :slight_smile:

Oh, look at that. Turns out the character I was trying to change grenades only had one…:confused:

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