Gridstream News (xpost from SWL forum)

Hi there AO Peeps!

Gridstream Productions (GSP) is proud to announce our new weekly news program: Gridstream News.

Our first episode went live on Monday and you can view it here:: !

If all goes well we’ll be posting a new program every Monday in the early am (U.S eastern time). I know it’s still rough around the edges production-wise but we’ll be working to make it more and more professional over time. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

If you have any comments or ways I can improve, please either post them here or in the comments section for the video.

Thanks in advance for watching!!

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Thanks Caloss2. :slight_smile: I agree that my camera presence could use some work. I’m thinking of starting a vlog of sorts on my own channel just to keep practicing being more natural.
Can you explain what you mean by audio though? Was it too quiet or unclear or something else?

Audio quality is by far the most important thing to work on, people will watch a video with poor video but good audio, but they will leave quickly if the video quality is good but the audio is poor.

Room acoustics:- they should be as minimal as possible, use what you have to start with, blankets/cushions on walls and reflective surfaces to make the space you’re in sound “dead”

Mic quality:- never skimp on microphone quality, camera/phone mics are not even close to good enough, nor are headseat ones. There are plenty of entry level mics on the market now which are far better.

Post:- AKA polishing things in post, use a compressor on your vocal audio, I’m not talking recording Celine Dion here, but keeping a more consistent volume level a light compressor can really make an average vocal sound professional.

The best guides for what I’ve mentioned, are to be found here: -


Thanks so much for you’re really great suggestions!

I’ll read the guides and try to do as much as I can. Right now I’m working on $0, but I’ll see what I can do with a little here or there.

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