GridStream Productions 4th Quarter Contest

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Why? I mean, this seems very nice with these prizes. Let’s say you have a $100 budget, ok. Why? Are you making a game and farming out class ideas?

Why not?

Can’t people just have fun?

No need to be insecure and defensive. Just asking a very rational question. I wasn’t angry or anything when I typed it if that helps. I’ll understand if this is a no questions allowed contest.

Here’s something I threw together in a pinch.

Not exactly refined, but more like a broad general idea.

Tech Breaker.

Role DD/Support (Absorbs)

Pets: Defensive Drone ( Weak Absorbs cast automatically)
Offensive Drone (Debuffs armor, NR and ADD of 1 target).
Explosive Drone. Short duration of 20 seconds. Runs up to a target and after 1 second detonates. Can be rooted, snared, or killed easily (low HP) 1min CD. Damage scaling similar to a Garuk.

Weapon type : Shotgun/Heavy Weapons.
Specials: FS, Burst, FA. (Good synergy with Crit)
To balance out the lack of FA on shotguns over Achean Conqueror the profession would have a special perk line granting it an extra damage proc when equipping a shotgun.

Deep blue Multi Range skill/no Perk support for MR.

Nano lines: Self buffs Agility and Psychic.

Team buffs, a short duration (10 to 15 second) absorb shield that absorbs X amount of damage counted after blockers, reflects and ward. Medium to high nano cost, requiring constant manual refreshment for maximum effectiveness.

Single target other buff, a medium NCU cost (15 to 20 NCU) long duration cyclical self refreshing absorb or low value. Such as 200 to 400 damage absorbed per cycle (15 to 20 second cycles), scaling with level. This buff is really meant to help out a bit in team environments and to make a more notable difference at lower levels/low level PvP).

Breed preference: Solitus/Opifex.

Average evades/no evade perks. Must have high nano pool to allow for absorb spamming. Green nano init. Light blue ranged init.

Artillery/Control Symbs. A class specialist item. A clickable (every title lvl) Ocular implant which allows it to interface with the drones. It’s required to wear for casting the drone nanos, excludes access to the Exterminator Ocular Enhancement.

Lore: In the wake of the Alien Invasion and the escalation of the Notum Wars after the arrival of the Orbital Battlestations it has become obvious that a new type of combat specialist was needed. While Soldiers have served as a stop gap measure they weren’t specialized in taking down heavy ground based combatants such as larger alien bio forms and the various mechs that have proliferated on the battlefields.

Unlike Soldiers whom can withstand sustained damage via the power of reflect shields or Enforcers who can shrug off withering fire via their powerful absorb shields and heavily reinforced constitution the Tech Breaker is meant to survive brief high damage environments via the use of powerful absorb shields that can soak up some of the incoming fire. The Tech Breaker can also specialize to extend this protection to members of its squad.

In PvP it would be especially vulnerable to Nano shutdowns. Average to low evades, average HP pool. No evade perks, no access to absorb perks like Bio Cocoon and no HP perks.

You can ask questions and why because we can. We have done multiple other contests this year for prizes including other mugs and t-shirts.

GSP has always tried to give back to the community we work with, be it by events, in-game contests or ways to win items outside of the game we DJ in. We want our listeners to have fun as well the community in-game and if we can do that by inviting them to join in a contest for prizes that works wonders for us.

We’ve tried to come up with new ways to invite people to take part in our contests and since this was for physical items not just something in-game we’re trying to make it a little more involved than just a quiz, word search, send a message type contest. If you want to see other contests we ran this year then you can view the GSP website (

Hopefully, that helps clarify for you and sorry for the late response, no notifications for responses wasn’t helpful.

Sounds great! I’ll post this up for the GSP Staff to review and we’ll go from there :slight_smile: You have a few days more if you need to refine it!

Congratulations to you! Let me know what you would like and we will get that out to you!