GridStream's Halloween 2018 Brainstorming thread


So, a skeletal mask and a robe like the Ragged Robe, but with skeletal gloves instead of the black gloves that are part of the Ragged Robe “uniform”? I think the scythe/axe is going to have to be up to you to choose a weapon… but maybe we could get a “reaper scythe” hammer skin.


Want 4 mounts and outfits (or glamours) so we can dress up as these:


I assume you mean the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Or is there something specific about that particular depiction of them that you want to see in game? There’s not a lot of clear detail there, but the idea of the Four Horsemen is the kind of common myth they could work with. And we do already have the flaming nightmare steed, so that’s a start.


Not to mention that the final halloween in TSW, they showed up so they are canon in the universe.
Maybe a cache to go together with their return?


The four in general, aye. Not that depiction in particular.


My list o’ suggestions:

Other Samhain missions from TSW (like The Broadcast and The Rider Cometh)

Museum pedestals for Irusan and The Rider in the oddities wing to accompany their Saturnalia/Christmas counterparts.

Maybe some social type of side mission in Agartha where a group of bees get together in monster costumes (Revenant, Werewolf, Locust, Kongamato, etc) that unlocks a new Halloween themed costume.

Since I see horror movie-inspired clothing items for cosmetics, why not make some iconic horror movie weapons to use for weapon skins? Examples include Jasons’ bloody machete, Michael Myers butcher knife (blade); Freddy Krueger claw, Predator Wrist blades, Hook from the hook killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer (fist); Hellraiser cube (variants?) for chaos/magic weapons.

Maybe, possibly, an actual spider (not bike) or bat beast mount?

Maybe a new tradition where every Halloween season, you implement a new PERMANENT monster into one of the maps? I know there is lore to justify why most of the creatures are around, but I’m asking for something sensible to the area, like werewolves or cryptids in North America, or Bennu or Sphinx into Egypt.


I appreciate this idea alot, to get extra mobs to mob up every year…
but for what? Mobs are no challenge and die if u walk past them, is no need to invest work in mobs ppl do blow away like dust or sand

but i would like to see enhanched ones like those in scenario, bigger version of a Standard mob that is shown as skull on map and can be hunted for goodys.

it would be awsome if we get hunted by some mobs also, but i realize that I repeat myself.

as said above, idea is good, but they shall invest their time better in new Content for Story players now, the endgame crowd got the faction missions, so Story ppl are next in line.


At that point, you might as well ask what’s the point in playing the game, as different people play the game for different reasons. At the base level, it’s something new to look at. In addition to just being a new enemy, I’d expect some new lore, achievements, title, and costume to unlock, similar to the format of most monsters already in the game.


I am far beyond that point. I will log in for new content and will wait for PVP to come back.

new mobs should be implemented in new mabs and areas, not the old ones.

where is the point in placing new exiting mobs on the lvl 3 to 14 map? All an IP 250+ char needs to do is, tab one button.

If they bring back KM at lvl 50 scale, hell yes gimme big bad mobs that are cabable of killing me.
New design,new tricks, bad punches, screaming, weeping and crying bees in all Corners cus the new monsters are so mean. YES GIMME THAT!

but placing new cardboard characters and Training dummies on the old maps is a waste of time and
ressources, better put into new content, where new mobs can be implemented.

and thats my opinion not a law

funcom will decide


i missed the wings and am super sad about it T^T
also interested in being a cat people, because … reasons. >_>
edit: would rock the hell out of a nun’s habit!


I think the Halloween-only wings you can get as a cosmetic? I have a pair. They’re cute.


We definitely need those back, yes, but my impression is that they’re adding them back in in the same order and at the same rate they were originally introduced, so Spooky Stories of Solomon Island this year, then The Broadcast next year, and The Rider in 2020. That’s my guess. I can certainly put them in the list anyway, just as reminders.

Yes, those do deserve displays in the Museum, but I’m not looking forward to grinding collections in addition to grinding RNG event items to grind RNG event raids for RNG reward bags. Is there something already related to Irusan and The Rider in our logs to base the pedestal requirements on?

You mean like “Happy Feet” but with players dancing instead of shems? That sounds a little harder to script and trigger, but we do have mission triggers based on emotes, so it might not be impossible. I just hope figuring it out and triggering it doesn’t take longer than the event.

Well, we can’t actually have them named as such, but they could be things we recognize as those iconic weapons. Or maybe the ones we have are horrible ancient artifacts that the Hollywood movies took those ideas from? Because we know Hollywood doesn’t have any actual original ideas.
I’m not sure Predator fits that theme, though. There’s no paranormal / supernatural element to that, just sci-fi. I only have the basic fist weapon, so I’m a little unclear on how a Predator one would be different from the many models of wrist blades in the dressing room already.

I don’t think that would work well. Have you noticed how odd horses look on uneven surfaces? A spider would be too wide, so half the time its legs wouldn’t touch the ground or they’d be clipping through something. And the bat’s wings would just clip through everything, not to mention still being unable to fly any higher than a hoverboard. I can still put them on the list, but I don’t see how they’d work out within the current limitations.

Permanent? I think that would clutter up the playfields too much after just a couple years. We want this game to keep on going, like Anarchy Online has, so starting a tradition of gradually filling up the playfields might be kind of a hindrance.
The existing playfields were designed with certain criteria in mind, including things like population density and distribution of enemies. Progressively adding more to them wouldn’t work. Replacing some might work for a while, but not long term. Adding a few seasonal enemies to main maps works, only as long as they’re only there for the season, like Krampus.

Updating the main playfields for scaling and updating their old monsters to stronger and more complicated foes is a bit beyond the scale of a holiday event.

I’m pretty sure the wings will be available again, but I can put it on the list too.

A cat person… how much so? Just a tail and ears, but more … attached … than the bunny ear headband and kitty headphones? Or more furry? I know jointed costume parts are an issue, so a costume tail probably wouldn’t move, but it should be doable. I guess the tail would be a back item and ears would be a hat item? Do you need any more than that, like paws or whiskers?

A nun’s habit should be feasible. It might look a little hilarious in some of the combat animations, but maybe that’s what you’re going for.


Great to hear about the wings! <3 Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my comment.

As for cat things, definitely more attached… I’m basically always wearing one of the colors of cat headphones with each outfit (had to get every single one for options!), but some cosplay-esque gear would be really cool, whether they move or not.

And… Of course I’d want to look like a ridiculous nun. Sacrilege! ;3


Yes, kindda. The ragged robes are good but it makes you look like a psycho wearing a costume. The reaper robes could make you look like a true otherworldly figure (so that you actually look like a reaper and not as someone dressed as one). making the face disappear and be just a shadow (where you can match it with masks and glowing eyes as head/face pieces) and using skeleton feet and hands or make them black as part of the robe would definitely give that feel.


I would like to see some groups take some of the in-game elements and mix them in between the hourly boss raids.
Fata Padurii boss event in the Shadowy Forest. She appears as human, you chase her, and then eventually have the big boss to attack. Spawns lore #7 for the Padurii.
Walk others through hunting the Bogeyman in the Savage Coast (/sleep in front of the shack). Also spawns lore.

A mini Revenant pet would be awesome, awarded in-game not via a cache.


Re-purpose the Bounty Hunter system to spawn random monsters. Preferably using the Kaidan Key Container Critters. If they succeed in killing a player, they would immediately despawn. If the player it was summoned to attack fled it would despawn as soon as they left Agro range. It would make for genuine frights and maybe even a climate where, at least for a night, new characters (the closest we have to children in this game) were actually afraid to go out except in groups.

You could have the powerful Zone Boss type uniques from Kaidan and up, the ones meant for several players, show up for a brief rampage in lower Zones (or even buffed versions of their current uniques). These would be treated as open world mini-raids. Just post a heads up in chat when one is about to show up, along with a clue or two, and let us track it down!