GridStream's Halloween 2018 Brainstorming thread


i missed the wings and am super sad about it T^T
also interested in being a cat people, because … reasons. >_>
edit: would rock the hell out of a nun’s habit!


I think the Halloween-only wings you can get as a cosmetic? I have a pair. They’re cute.


We definitely need those back, yes, but my impression is that they’re adding them back in in the same order and at the same rate they were originally introduced, so Spooky Stories of Solomon Island this year, then The Broadcast next year, and The Rider in 2020. That’s my guess. I can certainly put them in the list anyway, just as reminders.

Yes, those do deserve displays in the Museum, but I’m not looking forward to grinding collections in addition to grinding RNG event items to grind RNG event raids for RNG reward bags. Is there something already related to Irusan and The Rider in our logs to base the pedestal requirements on?

You mean like “Happy Feet” but with players dancing instead of shems? That sounds a little harder to script and trigger, but we do have mission triggers based on emotes, so it might not be impossible. I just hope figuring it out and triggering it doesn’t take longer than the event.

Well, we can’t actually have them named as such, but they could be things we recognize as those iconic weapons. Or maybe the ones we have are horrible ancient artifacts that the Hollywood movies took those ideas from? Because we know Hollywood doesn’t have any actual original ideas.
I’m not sure Predator fits that theme, though. There’s no paranormal / supernatural element to that, just sci-fi. I only have the basic fist weapon, so I’m a little unclear on how a Predator one would be different from the many models of wrist blades in the dressing room already.

I don’t think that would work well. Have you noticed how odd horses look on uneven surfaces? A spider would be too wide, so half the time its legs wouldn’t touch the ground or they’d be clipping through something. And the bat’s wings would just clip through everything, not to mention still being unable to fly any higher than a hoverboard. I can still put them on the list, but I don’t see how they’d work out within the current limitations.

Permanent? I think that would clutter up the playfields too much after just a couple years. We want this game to keep on going, like Anarchy Online has, so starting a tradition of gradually filling up the playfields might be kind of a hindrance.
The existing playfields were designed with certain criteria in mind, including things like population density and distribution of enemies. Progressively adding more to them wouldn’t work. Replacing some might work for a while, but not long term. Adding a few seasonal enemies to main maps works, only as long as they’re only there for the season, like Krampus.

Updating the main playfields for scaling and updating their old monsters to stronger and more complicated foes is a bit beyond the scale of a holiday event.

I’m pretty sure the wings will be available again, but I can put it on the list too.

A cat person… how much so? Just a tail and ears, but more … attached … than the bunny ear headband and kitty headphones? Or more furry? I know jointed costume parts are an issue, so a costume tail probably wouldn’t move, but it should be doable. I guess the tail would be a back item and ears would be a hat item? Do you need any more than that, like paws or whiskers?

A nun’s habit should be feasible. It might look a little hilarious in some of the combat animations, but maybe that’s what you’re going for.


Great to hear about the wings! <3 Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my comment.

As for cat things, definitely more attached… I’m basically always wearing one of the colors of cat headphones with each outfit (had to get every single one for options!), but some cosplay-esque gear would be really cool, whether they move or not.

And… Of course I’d want to look like a ridiculous nun. Sacrilege! ;3


Yes, kindda. The ragged robes are good but it makes you look like a psycho wearing a costume. The reaper robes could make you look like a true otherworldly figure (so that you actually look like a reaper and not as someone dressed as one). making the face disappear and be just a shadow (where you can match it with masks and glowing eyes as head/face pieces) and using skeleton feet and hands or make them black as part of the robe would definitely give that feel.


I would like to see some groups take some of the in-game elements and mix them in between the hourly boss raids.
Fata Padurii boss event in the Shadowy Forest. She appears as human, you chase her, and then eventually have the big boss to attack. Spawns lore #7 for the Padurii.
Walk others through hunting the Bogeyman in the Savage Coast (/sleep in front of the shack). Also spawns lore.

A mini Revenant pet would be awesome, awarded in-game not via a cache.


Re-purpose the Bounty Hunter system to spawn random monsters. Preferably using the Kaidan Key Container Critters. If they succeed in killing a player, they would immediately despawn. If the player it was summoned to attack fled it would despawn as soon as they left Agro range. It would make for genuine frights and maybe even a climate where, at least for a night, new characters (the closest we have to children in this game) were actually afraid to go out except in groups.

You could have the powerful Zone Boss type uniques from Kaidan and up, the ones meant for several players, show up for a brief rampage in lower Zones (or even buffed versions of their current uniques). These would be treated as open world mini-raids. Just post a heads up in chat when one is about to show up, along with a clue or two, and let us track it down!


Here’s the SWL portion of the final list I just sent in. If you’re interested in both AO and SWL, it might be easier to read the combined list at

  1. [both] kitty ears

SWL has kitty ear headphones and AO has a whole catgirl morph with ears, but neither has a separate kitty ears item that looks like the AO kitty ears, but fit like the bunny ears, as a hat item. Both games finally have bunny ears like that, but not kitty ears.

And of course, once we have that, we’ll want other shapes, like squirrel ears, or various foxes (fennec foxes are the super cute ones with the giant ears), wolves… I guess we already have the leet one.

  1. [both] More variations of torn fishnets, without a toolbelt

Are we holding off on that in SWL until you can find time to make a lingerie / tattoos / piercings layer? I’m just going to keep assuming you want to do that if / when you have the time / resources. Could we maybe get a Halloween outfit with a miniskirt and torn fishnets in the meantime?

And AO could use something like that, too. Maybe something like the Bunny Longs of GridStream Productions or the Entertainer Longs of Tiger Claw, but torn up a little. And maybe it matches a tattered tube top torn from Uncle Pumpkinhead’s haunted rags. A bit of his sleeve would be about right for some of us.

  1. [both] Halloween Bikini

AO could use some variations in Halloween bikinis. There’s been only one for all these years, and now that Uncle’s so easy to find and generous with drops, anyone who’s had time to play at Halloween in the past few years already has it. SWL, on the other hand, has none and could really use one. The same cut as the Midnight Pumpkin should be fine, although I wouldn’t mind something a little different for a change. We really just need something other than the same old orange and black jack-o-lantern print.

-like the Midnight Phantom one I suggest every year - dark purple, the same color as the Mysterious Cloak, with a pale grin that fades in cycles, perhaps cycling from dark purple to lavender. Or if the color cycling is too much work, just a little grin like the one on several of the Halloween t-shirts.

-or a blood red bikini with white fang prints

-or a jet black bikini with white skulls, maybe even changing to different species of skulls when you Use it

  1. [both] bunny and kitty tails

We finally have bunny ears in both games, and thanks for that! There are also kitty ears, sort of (see above), but the only kitty tail is the AO one that’s a full body morph. And the only bunny tail is a SWL bodysuit that some folks either don’t like the cut of the bottom or don’t like the shape of the top. Is there any way both games could get back items for kitty and bunny tails without a whole morph/outfit? Both games have costume wings, which must have an attachment point related to the back. Is there no attachment point relative to the hips?

And if you can figure out a way to do this, we’d also like fox, wolf, leet, demon, and other assorted tail options, even if they’re not articulated.

  1. [SW] more witch and warlock costumes

For a contemporary game with magic, I find it surprisingly difficult to assemble witchy costumes in SWL. I guess maybe the point is that now witches could look like anybody, but Halloween time is when you go for the tropes and stereotypes. A slightly less enormous pointy hat would be a good start. Maybe a skimpy little black dress with fringes and shiny bits, like a thin gold belt, or a little jeweled ritual belt dagger. You know, something Elvira would wear. Just saying “Elvira” should be as good as posting a reference image for this one.

And I guess something with short, dark robes covered in “mystical” symbols woudl work for the warlocks. Nothing really that specific was suggested for them.

  1. [both] Angelwitch costume

Wings and horns, silvery toga shredded a bit, glowing eyes and black claws. Lots of juxtaposition.

Like this:

  1. [both] spiderweb bikini or bodysuit or minidress

I’ve been asking for variations of this for years, and any one of them would be great. All the options would be best, of course. The basic idea is a skimpy little number made of black or silver strategically interwoven threads, patterned like a spider web. And by “skimpy” I mean suitable for a 90’s comic book villainess, or a Korean MMO sorceress in endgame “armor”. Barely covering only what’s necessary and only succeeding at that because it’s all glued in place.

I couldn’t find adequate reference images, so I drew some myself and posted them on the GridStream forums.

silver minidress - front view:

silver minidress - back view:

black teddy - front view:

black teddy - back view:

The bikini version would be just like the teddy, minus the middle. Not pictured: matching black pumps that come with a spider ankle tattoo.

  1. [SW] haunt up Agartha with some harmless ghosts

There could be some non-interactive ones hanging around in Axel’s, waiting for their loved ones to join them. Possibly a little less evil and distorted and tormented than the ones haunting the Innsmouth Academy grounds. Maybe just some nearly transparent NPCs? Or are the NPCs in Agartha ghosts already? Wait… Is that why Randy the Random Drunk NPC Chick has no sense of personal space? She just keeps repeating the same actions because she’s a ghost? And she never needs to drink any more to stay drunk because she has no liver because she’s a ghost? Wow. If you don’t throw some translucent folks in there to delineate the difference, I might have to conclude The Rooted Groove is already haunted by more than that one ghost dog.

Maybe some bored ghosts could be just floating about in Agartha, out in the air, not on platforms, wailing and groaning and throwing random harmless sparks at nearby players and/or pets. Not a threat, but just a harmless surprise. It would have to be rare, though, or it would just be annoying instead of surprising.

The spirits could be those of various people and animals that have died in Orochi experiments. Maybe they’re using the gateway between spirit world and real world, that is said to appear at Halloween, to seek revenge on the Orochi. That could tie in some lore with event. Maybe leading them to a pile of dead Orochi somewhere would appease them?

  1. [SW] broomstick mount

This would go well with the “more witch costumes” idea. Of course we would prefer if it could fly, but I think we can come to terms with a “slightly magic” broom that barely hovers. It really should be able to hover over water, though. And small gaps. There’s really no reason a flying broomstick should be as susceptible to gravity as a moped, but that would be cheating in a jumping puzzle, so maybe it would have to be disabled where jumping puzzles are really a necessary element. (“Necessary” is a different conversation - many of us would pay Aurum to hover past those.) And then if jumping puzzle areas had an effect to prevent hovering, hoverboards could hover too, everywhere else. Or at least fall slower.

AO technically already has broomsticks, the Phasefront Besom - Sky Sweeper, but very few of them were ever given out. Making these generally available would be nice, too.

  1. [SW] SWL still needs the Midnight Pumpkin Bikini

Actually, SWL needs any thong-back bikinis like AO’s, but this would be a good start. The top could just be a reskin of the basic triangle top bikini we already have several colors of, and the bottom is basically the default “nude” thong with orange panels added, so I figure this has to be one of the easiest ones on this list.

  1. [SW] Add some music from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society to the radios and shops

They’re a small group in LA who count among their goals, according to their website, “… to collaborate with talented scholars, artists, writers and composers, and to spread and support fandom for H. P. Lovecraft and appreciation of his works and worlds, his life and times.” Their works may not be public domain, like the old radio shows, even if they’re based on Lovecraft’s, and they are now a for-profit business, but they do look small enough that I suspect they’d be amenable to donating a song or three in exchange for a link or in-game flyer or poster or some such. You know, like Ariya’s song in The Grind in AO with the posters outside.

  1. [SW] Halloween kilt - black and orange tartan with jack-o-lanterns

For both men and women, please, not as the alternate to the Midnight Pumpkin Bikini. And please, if you’re going to make Midnight Pumpkin Boxers again, make those for both men and women, too. If you really need to keep the event clothing separate but balanced, what’s wrong with black and orange speedos and a jack-o-lantern muscle shirt? Boxers and kilts should be for anyone.

  1. [SW] bring back the costume wings, and maybe different styles of them, not just different colors

AO has angel wings that are a taller, more hawk-like shape. Maybe something like those.

A costume version of the ultimate wings effect has been requested many times, but that might be a bit much. That effect really stands out, so lots of people running around like that all the time would be super distracting and a bit stressful for older video cards. Maybe something that style, but smaller and less … shiny?

  1. [SW] Draug pets in Droog costumes

White blouse, light grey pants and suspenders, black bowler hat, and boots. Google “A Clockwork Orange” for reference images, but I’m sure you guys are all familiar. Make several different ones, maybe even all the common Draug models. Make the rarest / hardest to get one their leader, the Cthulhu-esque one with a cane and too much mascara on just the right eye: the Ur-Droog.

  1. [SW] wiener dogs in halloween costumes
    -like hot dog costumes, shark costumes, etc.

  2. [SW] pet Western-style dragons, like AO pit lizards

  3. [SW] Weapon skins of horrible ancient mythic artifacts that certain iconic horror and slasher movie weapons were based on
    -a machete that punishes the abandonment of innocence (Jason’s)
    -a butcher knife that terminates youthful rebellion (Michael’s)
    -a bladed glove stitched with threads pulled from the veil of dreams so that truly malevolent wielders can shred the barrier between reality and nightmare (Freddy’s)
    -a meat hook that catches on guilty secrets and twists them into tragic revelations (Hook Killer / I Know What You Did Last Summer)
    -a puzzle cube that can be shifted into different configurations as a blood, chaos, or elemental focus, but doesn’t shift itself into the Lament Configuration without some ritual sacrifice (Hellraiser)

  4. [SW] add seasonal effects to the Agartha jump pads
    -dark clouds
    -creepy sounds
    -flying through occasional strands of spiderweb
    -flying by ghosts like on the roller coaster

  5. [both] disembodied hand pet
    -maybe not a human hand, maybe one that moves more like a Zix

  6. [both] RollerLeets
    -a leet in pumpkin armor that can only roll like a rollerrat, so it has rollerrat animation and leet sounds

  7. [both] pet land shark

  8. [SW] a pet shelter to bring all the excess cats to that nobody wants to adopt, with a big playroom full of mousie toys and climbing platforms and big bowls of catfood and webcams to stream live cat video

  9. [both] scary clown costume, like the clean costume AO already has, but smeared and stained with blood and a creepy clown mask, like the Santa one reskinned

  10. [both] Black and orange jack-o-lantern print tuxedo with lots of different jack-o-lantern faces, not just the same one over and over.

  11. [SW] spider costume with articulated legs
    -wishful thinking: separately animated articulated legs, like

  12. [SW] social instances of Incognito’s Stonehenge-like encounter area and the Deep Agartha pumpkin patch for screenshots and parties, accessed through separate altars or something so they don’t interfere with people looking to rescue kitties and get loot

  13. [both] Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse costumes and mounts, like the Flaming Nightmare Steed and three more variations of it, with matching Rider costumes/glamours
    -maybe something like a Rift Martyr for War, a Mummy for Famine, Arbeh or a Pestilence Talos for Pestilence, and a Grim Reaper costume (elsewhere on this list separately) for Death (see also: bring back The Rider Cometh)

  14. [SW] more varieties of witch familiars, like toads, owls, rats

  15. [SW] more Spandex and Lycra outfits
    -if people in Kingsmouth are gonna keep calling us superheroes, maybe we should dress the part

  16. [SW] decorate Agartha with spider webs and dripping blood
    -walking through the pools of it makes you leave tracks

  17. [SW] Make the “Spooky Sweat Suit” skeleton costumes available again, perhaps in new colors, like glow-in-the-dark versions

  18. [both] bloody, battered gift box decoration with a hand in it that lifts the top and waves once in a while

  19. [SW] nun’s habit
    -yes, it’s okay if it looks ridiculous in most of the combat animations, that’s kinda the point

  20. [both] giant leet mount with a saddle and stirrups, or a palanquin strapped on like the barleet’s tray, or a “flying” carpet carried by a herd of leets

  21. [SW] pitchfork weapon skins
    -short one-handed one for swords and long two-handed one for hammers

  22. [SW] more orange options of all the casual clothes
    -especially shoes and sneakers in shades of orange that match at least some of the clothes

  23. [SW] little pet versions of Incognito and Jack O’Lantern

  24. [SW] Maybe some social type of side mission in Agartha where a group of bees get together in monster costumes (Revenant, Werewolf, Locust, Kongamato, etc) that unlocks a new Halloween themed costume
    -Like Happy Feet, but with players dancing instead of shems.

  25. [both] A t-shirt that says “I’m Invisible” on it. “S.E.P.” on the back, or in the description, for “Somebody Else’s Problem”
    -And make it a terrible color, so the viewer’s brain just blocks it out in self defense. Like neon pink, cream, and puce green paisley

  26. [SW] bat and spider mounts (animal mounts, not themed bikes)

  27. [SW] Museum pedestals for Irusan and The Rider in the oddities wing to accompany their Saturnalia/Christmas counterparts.

  28. [both] proper dirndl and lederhosen

  29. [SW] haunt up deadside with gaki / preta / hungry ghosts
    -spectres like on Savage Coast would probably look close enough
    -have them follow us around begging for some of those shards of anima we carry around, since that’s probably the only thing they can eat

  30. [SW] “covered in blood” visual effect that lasts a while like the aftereffects of candies, but it’s hard to imagine calling something that does that “candy”

  • [SW] scarier monsters in the main playfields
    -make wraiths appear and chase us down like bounty hunters, but more often, so we might actually see more than one during the event, and they drop epic or better loot bags - maybe we have to do something to provoke them, like the End of Days, where we had to trigger Mayan Remains to be chased by Xibalban warriors
    -re-purpose the Bounty Hunter system to spawn random monsters, like the Kaidan Key Container critters. If they succeed in killing a player, they would immediately despawn. If the player it was summoned to attack fled, it would despawn as soon as they left Agro range. It would make for genuine frights and maybe even a climate where, at least for a night, new characters (the closest we have to children in this game) were actually afraid to go out except in groups.
    -you could have the powerful Zone Boss type uniques from Kaidan and up, the ones meant for several players, show up for a brief rampage in lower Zones (or even buffed versions of their current uniques). These would be treated as open world mini-raids. (Like TSW’s Guardians of Gaia.) Just post a heads up in chat when one is about to show up, along with a clue or two, and let us track it down!

  • [SW] Predator-style Wrist blades

  • [SW] bring back the Kitties of Ulthar and chasing Incognito

  • [both] bra hat like Little Nicky

  • [SW] Grim Reaper costume
    -a skeletal mask and a robe like the Ragged Robe, but with skeletal gloves instead of the black gloves that are part of the Ragged Robe “uniform”, and a “reaper scythe” hammer skin
    -or a Grim Reaper glamour that makes you look like an otherworldly black cloak over an invisible or shadowy/smoky figure, with optional bleached white skull and skeletal hands and feet, compatible with face items like glowing eyes and assorted masks

  • [SW] place the sigil to summon Jack at the tree in Kingsmouth and have it open a portal to Deep Agartha when completed, sounding a gong ringing through Agartha and opening that one too
    -and if you “haunt up Agartha with some ghosts” as suggested above, draw all the ghosts to the Deep Agartha portal

  • [SW] special seasonal monsters to hunt, like minions of Jack or Incognito (mini-Jack with a scythe?), or maybe something new, scattered about the normal playfields like Krampus was

  • [both] an expressionless porcelain mask of “William Meyers” or someone equally obviously not famous
    -especially not a Shatner mask like the one preferred by Michael

  • [SW] bring back all of the old TSW Samhain events
    -The Broadcast and The Rider Cometh as well as Spooky Stories of Solomon Island
    (I’m guessing those are queued up for one a year, but some folks are impatient, or at least want confirmation that that’s the plan.)

  • [SW] revenant pet

Thanks to everyone who contributed! Looking forward to seeing what comes a’haunting in just under two months!