Grief building. being Griefed on PvE

Okay so my boyfriend and I built a base on an island near some dude on noob beach because we figured PvE people were nice, and he apparently got butthurt about it and is griefbuilding. We can’t expand, travel, etc. He’s building buildings to surround our base for no reason at all and it took us the better part of a week to rebuild what little we have manage to rebuild after a purge wiped our base completely when we were still new.

He’s left racist signs calling us gringos and crackers, threatening to god us if we put a battle standard up, etc. We are just trying to play the game and have fun and we are about damn near fed up. We log in every day. We play, and we try to have fun, but what he’s doing is making us not want to play anymore. He’s also creating a massive amount of server lag as well.

Hes force claiming around us and building like a dick to prevent us from building anything more. I had originally planned on building a bar for the entire server to come to, but all of his building is preventing that from happening. We were trying to be immersed and he’s being an a**hole about everything just because we built near him it was the nicest location we found that we actually liked thats mutual to the rest of our clans locations which includes my brother, brother in law, my sister, and my nephews.

I have screen shots, but new accounts on the forums can’t upload images.


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