Grieferino Structurino


Hello fellow, barbs!

So after a day full of war, fighting my way through the harsh desert I decided to relocate my base further up north, in order to be closer to the highlands. So, followed by my trusty bearer, I wandered through mighty elephants and vicious rhinos before finding a good spot with lots of stone and water nearby. I had to up my game so I decided to go large, so I spent the day building my small barbaric “village”. After a long day of hard work, I ordered my thralls to bring me a flagon of the best ale and prepare a feast made for kings!
I sat there on my throne joyous, as the sun set, thinking about what adventures lies ahead. It was a good day.
Soon after, conflict had risen. A brutish orge started circling my village walls, swearing at me in a god forsaken language, demanding that I tear my walls apart and leave this place as it was “his” . Tried resoning with kindness and virtue, but the ogre was too stubborn to understand. He left furious and kept on mumbling until I could not see him anymore. Next day I woke up by the screams of my thralls, peculiar large structures were to be found around my base. Next to each other almost resembling a partial huge wall. No matter how mighty a king can be, I knew it was time to ask for help against this savage ogre. HEED MY CALL!

P.s: Long story short I’m getting building-griefed by an angry guy. I can live with the crappy stuff he put around my base, the thing is what happenes when/if he tries to literally cover my base. Can a gm, help or something? ples, halp! :frowning:

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