Griefers On Official PVE-C Server #6156 (PLEASE HELP!)

I’m playing on Isle of Siptah Official PVE-C Server #6156 And we have a griefer clan by the name of BLM LGBTQ+ They have been trolling the server by blocking off many areas of the map with huge walls, recently they have decided to surround my base with foundations and fill them completely in with standing torches in a pathetic attempt to causing lag and crashes for me and my clan mates or anyone who passes by our base. Can Someone please do something about this annoying clan that has plagued this official server.

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This is against the official server rules. Send this as a direct message to @Community, so they’ll process it as a report and hopefully ban them. Make sure you include your location on the map and the screenshot showing the name of the clan that owns the foundations and torches.

Here are the official rules and the procedure for reporting infractions:

Good luck :+1:


Thanks, just sent a message.