Griefing by high level clans

So me and a few friends decided to jump back on Conan on a pve public server and grinded away for hours got to level 30ish. Found a quiet corner up north to set up base. Then a high level clan of about 4 people who obviously play the game ALOT looking at their characters and they build a HUGE 50 foot wall all around our base in about 10minutes​:joy::sob: I mean what can we do . Tried messaging them but to no reply they’ve been at it now for about an hour! What can we do? How is this aloud!? We might aswell just uninstall the blummim game!!!

Remove Bracelet, respawn in the desert or at your other base where your other bedroll is.

Run to The Den, kill some werewolves until one of them drops claws. Run to Skittering Cavern, kill the boss there and retrieve a set of knives. Use berries as heals, then attack the weakest of them over and over.

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That’s crappy what happened to you and your friends. I’d say move to another server where the community doesn’t permit stuff like that. Maybe try a PVP server? Our clan is the Alpha on 1578 and we would have crushed any other clan that griefed you guys like that…

In Pvp it okay to build someone in if you ask me… the Romans did it too years ago and they did nt care about the opponents level

However in PvE this is griefing (and trolling) you really can’t do anything besides dying and respawn… sadly games like this are really suffering from griefing (and trolling) there should be harder punishment for griefing trolling in official servers.

Cause this game is not designed to grief or troll (I know you can’t change the game to make it impossible to grief or troll, but you can atleast ban ban them, before everyone leaves the official servers).
And it saddens me that a lot of griefing and trolling is whitin the lines of the rules…

Like if I build the whole part of the map full of foundations and despawn most of the iron on purpose… Im allowed to do that…

What will ban someone is building in oblisks(on PvE) and being rude on the chat

This is happening a lot on the official servers

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