Griefing on PvE still happens

I, which afaik, im the OP, are not demanding server admins (or bans).

Your three server admins on your unofficial server would probably have closed their server, if they had to take care of all the bugs and mechanics FunCom fixed since release, because they would have been non stop taking care of stuff. How do I know?

Played more than 100h across a couple unofficials (arkuna matata, resurgentes, go check in battlemetrics if you need xD), since release, where there was no purge, no decay mechanic, no no build areas on camp thralls, killable thralls on pve, etc. Admins were going mad trying to solve all those issues. FunCom made fixes, and admins now only have to concern about a much smaller amount of cases. Which as you said, 3 admins still struggle to take care of an unofficial server, AFTER half a dozen fixes that took care of griefing methods.

I stated in my OP "Hey, I have no problem, I can survive to that! " so its not a bigger problem for you than me. Killable thralls on PvE were probably a bigger problem for others than for me (ala they suffered it more and felt even worse) but it was me (mostly, not wanna take credit about such a pointless “achievement”, but its the truth) that acurrately reported it here, on twitter, and we got it fixed.

Also, reviews for survivals without officials would have been much more positive, I agree. While much much less popular, due to the lack of them.

I would use a repair hammer and find out who it belongs to, try contacting them and tell them if they can make a hole so people can pass, otherwise try contacting the developers and explain the situation, if that also doesn’t work, this is a last resort I don’t really recommend since it can be time consuming, I would make people in that server affected by it to team up and grief their structures so bad that they will also be annoyed, just log in to that server to add more structures as close as possible to their structure and then might as well move on to a new server or wait until they give up or something in their personal life affect them from playing and then destroy all their structure after decay time. Just trying you help with all options here lol.

Thankfully so far the exiles in my official server are actually pretty cool. They are helpful respectful and generous. They build bridges, water wells, etc


The whole goal of these clowns is to block others, its a different way of saying look i have a miniscule problem that i desperately need to over compensate by being an asshat online and try to act like an alpha male.


Thanks for comment and suggestion!

People in my server is also really cool, we make many trades, public raids to dungeons, offer help for purges etc. Yesterday when I came back to check the blockade, another fellow player made an elevator with stairs so we could take a detour.

Thoe block owners (whose steam names include “yolo” and “xD” and are private, of course) only laugh and try to make funny comments when we mention the blockade, because you know, despite what other posters try to make us think, they did it exactly for the purpose of griefing and “lulz”.

Now the situation is even better than if there was no block, because everytime we use the elevator to bypass the block, we do it while thinking “hehehehe nice failblock” so its not any bad.

Exactly, there’s no debate onto this.

I like how the few that defend this behaviours think they are trolling us sayin it’s their legitimate houses etc hehe, the one that I reported for killing my pve thralls sure thought the same, and 2 weeks after, he couldnt do that anymore.

So we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I agree blocking off certain spots is not ideal, but there is more than 1 entrance to the swamp and you can clearly climb over it. If that guy built near your base, or built a wall around your base then i would understand you making such a hassle on that guy. As many others stated already, climbing boots, gloves and even without it wou will make it over, i really dont see the issue here. Have you even tried talking to the guys about it that they should make a stair or something? Or did you ran straight to the forums to try and start something…

improve your reading comprehension, it will help you in life, this way comments like this won’t sound as ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue:

"In many locations you can take a detour, here also, but a very very long one.

Hey, I have no problem, I can survive to that!

I will try to be constructive before, and maybe try to make a building, with an elevator, bridge etc to counterblock it xD.

Yesterday when I came back to check the blockade, another fellow player made an elevator with stairs so we could take a detour."

Sorry i don’t read a text full of whine, from someone who can’t tackle such small problems on their own.

Edit: Did u atleast try to communicate with them? Didn’t answer that part of my question.

Sure, a post full of whine while saying “Hey, I have no problem, I can survive to that!” XDD you can’t sound more ridiculous, well you did, it was previous post.

Also…Yeah, I cant tackle such small problems…oh wait, I also said "I will try to be constructive before, and maybe try to make a building, with an elevator, bridge etc to counterblock it xD."

Really, I appreciate your comeback at serious debate on the edit, but really, improve reading comprehension, or just read posts you are about to comment, so it doesnt sound as silly to ask me if I did communicate with them, while having this posted like a day ago :stuck_out_tongue:

“Thoe block owners (whose steam names include “yolo” and “xD” and are private, of course) only laugh and try to make funny comments when we mention the blockade, because you know, despite what other posters try to make us think, they did it exactly for the purpose of griefing and “lulz”.”

I quit a server the other day because of this. People blocked off everything they could block off all over the map.

The lesson I learned was: don’t play on official PVE or PVE-C servers anymore.

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Yep, this decision is which many players will take. Game wont be much popular if official servers are deemed like a hackers and griefers land.

Below, an example of how ARK is taking care about this problems.

I don’t say this is the way Conan should go, I think with no build areas or other passive fixes that wont require GM will be enough.

But ARK is a successful survival (which I played over 600h and negatively reviewed due to performance and paid dlcs during EA, so im not really a fanboy). and todays update adressing griefing on PvE servers mean its something important enough for a huge playerbase for devs to take such measures. And as stated above by others, it’s gonna be a very very expensive way to deal with it.

Again, this is only to show that this is a problem that the most popular survival (debatable, but its my opinion) is taking care of, in a way (with reports and GM’s) I think it may not be needed in Conan.

But at least you will see this problem is big enough, it’s not pansies that can’t survive to other’s griefings, it’s our understanding that PvE shouldn’t force people to deal with rival players, with less tools than in a player vs player environment.

From today’s Ark news:

"PvE Specific Griefing

Game Blocking - you are not allowed to block other tribes from playing the game on PvE servers. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Building at their base
  • Blocking in other tribes dinos
  • Blocking access in/out of a tribes base
  • Obstructing pathways or waterways for the purpose of denying another tribe access

A GM may ask you to move or relocate if your structure is negatively impacting a server (ie. you block off a large portion of the map so that other members of that server cannot access it).

Structure Spamming - placing structures down such as pipes or wires for the purpose of disrupting others gameplay is against our code of conduct.


Failure to abide by our code of conduct can result in the removal of your structures, creatures, items or banning of your account from the Official Network and all BattlEye Protected Servers. Studio Wildcard reserves the right to immediately suspend player accounts as it deems fit.
Action taken is at the sole and absolute discretion of Studio Wildcard and its employees."

Report forms if you wanna check:

With built in screenshots for reporting:


your life must be hard, i feel sorry.

your life must suck to have such a vomitive personality xD

This problem has been a serious issue since Early Access day #1! The absolute lack of admin control (on official servers) is something unnaceptable, I cant think of a single MMOs without the most basic player support.

Funcom needs to have some sort of in game report feature, when a certain structure gets reported multiple times they should be notified and do something about it. The Purge isnt doing its job and I wonder if it will ever be enough to stop someone or a group of players from deliberating running around the map and blocking dozens key locations or killing important and limited resource.

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Still super new (lvl 27), but I’ve started building elevators for anyone to use near all the blocked passages I can find. Beating out the A-holes with altruism.

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Ive started spamming foundations all around the map not to prevent access to people but to make sure no one can block it off. Only thing I can do to stop things being taken away. We’ve already lost a ghost and the silver mine. Now one clan has started on the giant crocs.

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Simple solutions:

  1. Rent your own server and have admin capability. Last I saw, G-Portal servers were only $11.25 a month.
  2. Create your own server on a second machine at home if you have one. It’s easy using Steam CMD.
  3. Lock your server if you wish with a password and allow only friends that you trust in. Otherwise, you’ll have the ability to remove problem players through admin.

The difference may be subtle, but what you provided is an:

a choice limited to one of two or more possibilities, as of things, propositions, or courses of action, the selection of which precludes any other possibility.”

But instead, what I and others are suggesting, is a:

the act of solving a problem, question, etc.”

PS: And those alternatives you provided worked exactly in the same way with previous problems, like the despawn of npc camps or key resources, or ability to kill enslaved thralls in pve, but, despite your awesome alternatives, they were fixed with solutions.

With his chief complaint being grievers, my suggestion would, indeed, serve as a solution as there would be no grievers in a server he admins. He’d have the option to eliminate them. Not the only solution available, to be sure, but a solution none the less.
And while you’re busy being Mr. Passive/Aggressive Dictionary Boy, be advised that I paid no attention to any of your posts nor will I give any further posts you make any consideration as all I had to do was read your first one to realize that you’re just a troll. Feel free to crawl back under your bridge. You have no power here.
Good day.

I was going to suggest killing the hell out of the griefers, but since it’s PVE …
Well, you got in the boat of your choice.
Either row or bail.
Your choice.