Griefing Taken to an Art Form

There has been a group on server for approximately two weeks, that basically paved over large sections of the map, walled off obelisks, blocked off spawn, and just generally have done all manner of f**kery.

However, to be honest I haven’t really been involved. They have attempted a few raids but essentially have done not enough damage or stolen enough supplies to make it anything but a waste of time for them. However, they will frequently post a website into general chat.

I happened to go there today.


For the last two weeks, they have had no purpose but to torpedo the server.

“Day after day we continue to set new lows for player counts, with yesterday’s peak concurrent player count barely hitting double digits at 10. The average player count was 4, at least half of that being HOGG players. The server continues to die more and more every day as previous player return to see if the HOGG terror is gone, only to find that their base is decayed and they are trapped behind a spike wall in the spawn area.”

I have to admit, I’m sort of in awe. They literally have spent money on a website; have continually updated it for years, documented their intentions.

A new raid tower has formed in the distance, so once again the bells toll for me, but I will admit, given their dedication, I think that Official #1935 has been lost to the most efficient griefers of all time.

@Community; I wish you luck!


I don’t know about that, BattleEye can provide hardware ID that cannot be circumvented by changing IPs via VPNs or Steam accounts.

Is this a PvE or PvP server you refer to? If they are purposely degrading server performance (and apparently even documenting it), they may just find themselves getting hit by the ban stick.

Edit: Okay its PvP. It will be interesting to see how this plays out… :face_with_monocle:

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Could you give a few more details from the server, like how many people were on it actively before this group showed up, how many that HOGG clan had online, time played?

Just curious, because to be server ranked 58, there must be some fairly steady traffic on it…and if the HOGG group was only on to spam stuff, how did the server not unite against them and kill them non stop?

Thankfully, this group actually provides their own statistics on daily activities.

It was not uncommon to be full during raid hours, 20+ during the day. Generally groups were small, and primarily builders. Most were fairly friendly. There was a core of about six or seven groups that basically would unite if there were ‘server-killer’ groups, but for the most part just kinda built and did their own things.

I think the reason that the server did not unite, is that this group found an out of the way area to farm, built the wall around starting zone and oblisks quickly, then proceeded to pick small groups off first who would then respawn in desert and unable to access the map, then snowball. I imagine the launch of Last Oasis probably sucked some of the regulars out for a bit. Keep in mind that according to this groups little manifesto, this all happened within a week or so.

The population exploded within the last month, so I think that people were too busy getting themselves situated to organize effectively when a group that’s sole purpose is this sort of activity. They’re building style is essentially dozens of small buildings everywhere, so it just ends up zone-locking areas. I have to admit that I’ve been forced to put up some 3x3’s around my main to prevent seige towers.

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Yup, its a bad situation for sure. But, there is enough on the server if everyone works together to take care of the situation. And, it could be fun!

It’s too far gone now. Not enough of a group to resist, most lost their spawns and are now locked in the starting desert behind a wall.

To be honest, I am impressed by their journalistic style!
You’ve got to wonder what is the true purpose behind all that reporting and sharing though… people’s minds are mysteries to me

hey Halk as I stated in another topic

Sadly I cannot say that I share your good natured sentiments here Halk, even more so when we examine modern day journalistic standards.

To me the buffoonery on show is on par with taking a ‘selfie’ while robbing a liquor store, or sending a live feed of the act through to their local police station. But I do look foward to their follow-up graph, which catalogues the negative relationship between their ban duration and their level of server dominance. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

@Ignasis or @Hugo, there is what appears to be some ‘unusual’ rule violations here. We also have a second user reporting it in a thread here:

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Ouch, reminds me a little of the “griefing-as-a-job” described in Charles Stross’ novel “Halting State”. Some people must have had a really pitiful childhood to find that kind of activity fun…

Probably have had more luck getting an immediate response from the community team had this been on their radar before 20:00 - 20:30 Friday (Durham), 2:00-2:30 am (Oslo) Saturday, though.

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