My name is Andrew Miller. I currently am playing on official server [#3537]. One of the players on there in the clan “zeal team six” has completely walled off the Brimstone Lake, where we like to gather Brimstone. The players online ID is DevilsRejectx and he has been a toxic player on the server for a while now. My fellow clan mates and I would highly appreciate it if you all took action on this matter. Enjoy your day!


I have suffered this before. Sadly, nothing will be done short of your server mates getting together and blowing it up. Thats what we did on our server when one guy was grieved out, but left brimstone completely covered. Its an easy fix. Just ask everyone, including the enemies to participate. Its to everyone’s benefit.

OR…just get brimstone from Sinner’s Refuge.

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That’s stupid lol

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