Grievance please help


Hello, first off I love this game, but alot of us playing on server 3587 are feeling frustrated, there are 2 clans first there was one now there are 2, they blocked not only any type of travel to obilsks, and if we do we are stuck there until someone signs on to open the doors and leave but then we can’t because we have been killed. Now dungeons are being blocked. The sink hole oblisk and dungeon are already blocked. The spawns of demon dogs are no more because of the block. Brimstone area is on its way of being blocked, so is the dregs now that is being blocked with the dungeon, building is starting, also the unnamed city is being blocked. I have screen shots. So not only travel is being stopped, resources and spawns are being blocked with dungeons. I already reported this server 3 times noone responded. People are leaving the server because they are tired of waiting. I worked to hard to get what I got to leave the server. Can someone help us, or once again are we being told nothing can be done. It’s sad cuz we love this game. Please help us

So first you need proof to prove they are doing second there is a thread on how to report people for doing this I think it’s in general discussion also due note that since the new rules were place funcom has received lots of reports but it’s kind of first come first serve so the report will be taken but it also could take some time weeks or months due to man power issues but funcom has also put up a new system on test live that will help with undermesh and dupe but blocking stuff I don’t think it fixes this but it should help in
The long run with much so sorry for both good and bad news
Best of luck


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