Griffing on ps4 pvp offline raid an total griff

Having an isshue with a crew of clans targeting me an my clan when whe log off I accept the conflict but it’s overboard the fact i join an my whole base is gone for the third time with in a week im on ps4 an ive spoken with the playes who dont care an wish to continue griffing ive explaned thay are playes jjrice from clan mercenaries JBR8288 from mercenaries stager1 from narco PBJBOY2 from narco an others jus will not stop all my clan mabers have quit because thay will not stop an clearly have no respect for the ruls of the game especially being offline raided i get ts a part of the gane but to have every thing totaly destroyed is unfair

I don’t mean to be rude here, but there are no rules to respect in this game, the only “Rules” are set server side and if these players are not using cheats or exploits, what do you expect Funcom to do? Even if they were cheating it’s doubtful Funcom would do anything directly.

Here’s the bottom line
Funcom has made it explicitly clear that they will not moderate servers.
Official servers are anarchy, either grow a thicker skin and adapt or move on

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Like you said we have work an life to deal with jus hard to adapt to being offline but inhear yha people jus shady ■■■■■

It’s the rule of the server. I don´t see an issue. No different than in ARK or others.

Make your clan a new secret base, keep rebuilding the one they attack with fake stuff inside. Make empty chests doors that go nowhere etc. Make them waste their resources and it will get boring. Fill the base with t2 foundations or anything that makes it annoying. They will stop. Make small t3 bases in hidden places with a crafting bench and loot box. make many of them, rebuilding and all the while stock pile some revenge tools near their base.

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