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I am new to game and only been playing less then a week.

I like to ask can you flatten the ground. I asked because I started a base on a peek/hill I am able to use foundation for some buildings to keep flat but not with Animal Pen and it means building one out of the way. Also will Animal pens get attacked by non players ?

Also what determines how much damage you do and what damage you take ? I am close to lvl 30 in game on S/P but what points do I put so I can take on big npc and come out on top ?

I tend to put things like animal pens, vaults onto a foundation platform, if you cant for whatever reason, you can try using the shift and ctrl keys to raise or lower the building or tilt the building to better match the terrain. Works most of the time.

One pve servers other players should not be able to access anything that belongs to you, on pvp servers everything you own is accessible unless it is locked or enclosed in behinds walls.

Damage you do is determined by weapon damage, strength and accuracy. Damage you take is determined by your armor value and your agility.

Thank you for replying.

You are welcome to log into the official PvP server I play on to see first hand how I deal with these issues.

If my base s still there after past nights raid time :smiley:


Hey, @Argent.Hawkins, welcome to the game :smiley:

Do you already know how the decay timers work? It’s an important thing to learn and it’s one of the reasons why people should put animal pens and other big placeables like that on foundations.

I’ve seen too many new players put an animal pen on the ground, not close enough to the rest of their build, and then they log in the next day or two days later and their animal pen is gone due to decay :frowning:

One alternate building style you might consider: please note when you place the ghost of any object on native soil, you can raise or lower this object by holding the Left Shift key (by default) while rolling the mouse wheel up or down.

I try to find a place that will allow me to sink an animal pen into the soil, then I build structure around it, ending with an enclosed roof. I do the identical thing with vaults, so that I have less headroom to clear on these very large objects while still enclosing them soundly.


As others have noted, place your pens on foundations. It ensures they inherit the correct decay times and “levels out” the ground you place them on. Pens are notoriously annoying to place on bare ground, apparently by design (or something).

And yes, pens can be damaged by NPCs, notably the Purge, if you get one. Creatures just out in the wild won’t randomly attack it for no reason, however.

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i am unsure about the thralls. I put them in wheel of pain with gruel and press button, I see the white line in crafting queue go up and then it’s done but they don’t level up and stay on 0. Should I leave them in there to level up or is there a way to level them up. Same go for pets.

No. You have to take Thrall out of your WoP, put in the world and give him decent clothes and weapon, and some food from his menu (you’ll see pictures in his inventory window). Different food gives different buff and heal. Then tell him to follow you and go killing wild animals and NPCs together and he’ll be levelling together with you (but much faster I think).

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