Ground level & envirement changed

So explain to me, why the area “A Light To Guide Them Home”, had it’s ground level raised?

Was any consideration given that maybe people already built within this structure?

I’m trying to understand the thought process, that says “We need to add another foot or two of dirt and weeds here, no matter if someone had already built here, because this is very important.”

This isn’t game ending like the other new bugs introduced in yesterdays patch, but it truly shows the lack of thought process. Why are you adjusting and fixing things that don’t need to be fixed.

Do you think someone is going to say, “wow, you added 6 inches to the weeds, and added more dirt, great job, keep up the great work.”

Before patch, you could see the foundations cleanly, with no weeds, grass, or dirt showing through. When I build, I cover it, by adding another layer of foundations. If I had known you were going to add more terrain, I would have added another level. Take note of the protected torch. It’s now half covered by ground effects.

Images attached