GSM markets disabled? No thanks. Not doing it. #fail

Listen, I love the concept of the rollback server. I even wiggled time in my schedule for the next two months literally just to play this game 2-4 hours a day. However, in day 2 I figured out the GMS markets are not going to be available until the end, and that was a instant deal breaker.

I know some people in ICC were like “I LOVE IT, SHUT UP”, and “GREAT CONTENT, JUST QUIT”. I get it, most get sensitive to the nostalgia of the old days. But lets be honest, the Global Market content should of been in this game SINCE DAY ONE. It was a poor release and we paid our time for YEARS compensating for a lack of market content. Then they gave us “Personal Shops”, which was BARELY an improvement. 1000’s of hours flying around in a yalm. Endless OCC spams waiting DAYS to get the item you needed because that person wasn’t on. Endless spam, not knowing ANY PRICES.

I’m sorry guys, I’m a very old player here, started in 2004, played till 09, and even some in 11,12,15,16.

But I am NOT doing this, absolutely not. I do not have DAYS of play time to spend shopping for items I need like that. I will not do it, no matter how much I loved this game. I don’t have the time, nor am I paying money for content that should of been in this game day one.

You know why they didn’t put GSM until so late? Because it allowed them to make MORE money by people having to play LONGER. Making more stops between A and B that delayed what they really wanted to do.

Sorry guys. I wanted to play, but this stops here. Not re subbing, My money is not supporting this nonsense.

Every single other idea I LOVED. This, I’m not doing. And for those that go “HEY, THEY ARE STAYING TRUE TO ORIGINAL SERVERS, AND ITS GREAT”. Well, I say both you and Funcom deserve each other. Not to mention how many players have quit, or will quit because of this. Population is already really low, this game doesn’t need this.

I’ve heard the Funcom forums have been very trigger happy in banning anyone who speaks out against funcom, or has different opinions. I hope this stays up here so we can see who feels the same.

For those who don’t. All I have to say is you must not value your time at all, in which case its perfect for you.

Rant over, Sad I couldn’t play. Glad I didn’t cancel my flight classes just yet. I hope it changes, if it does, I’ll come back. It’s that simple.


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i would love the GMS aswell, but its not a dealbreaker by any means for me. there are shop bots up that you can spam while doing content. but it would be sweet having them, maby even more so for people with less time then myself

I hear ya. Re-reading what I put I can see I was a bit harsh towards others who have more time than I do. It just makes me upset, because I wanted to play the content, not shop around for over half my time.

And your right, player bot shops were ok. But it still required them being on, and no AFK like they almost ALWAYS were, In my experience.

Notice, they still have their funcom shop. That’s not “true to the game”, but hey, it makes them money so they over looked it. If the GSM made them money they would overlook that too.

It is what it is. I’m upset they ruined this for me. Hope those with more time enjoy the game I cannot. I might play out to 60 because it doesn’t matter as much but after that I just can’t do it.

Thanks for the mature reply and honesty.

Pretty sure they are not putting them in because its easy to dupe items with them and they are working on fixing this.

I thought the same as well, but in which case why wouldn’t you fix them first?

As always, funcom releases something that just isn’t ready because they want the $$$ and don’t respect the players time.

At this point, it’s funcom. Rarely nothing to us players make sense.

Not that I condone it, or even want to make it an excuse but afaik they have one person working on AO and nearly 20 years of spaghetti code to sort through. The market most likely references all kinds of code hidden in millions of lines that would take someone a LONG time to fix.

That being said the dupe issue has been around since it was released. Shoulda been fixed a long time ago.

As for shopping I think the old forum lists are nice and allowed searching. Maybe bring a market forum online and then you can find what you want easy or they can COD to you. Not a fix, but maybe would be a work around.

I’d accept that idea. Something would be great.

Hopefully that one person is listening. Some type of solution without a massive dupe bug would be great.

Though, like you said. There is still the original dupe issue… that was never fixed…

Good thoughts all around, thanks for your input. Though, doesn’t change much for me unless something is actually done about it.

Me? Personally? We just need to accept those things won’t be fixed. With the credit system reset those dupe bugs become way easier to deal with. IMO

GMS (or GMI, as it is now called) has been broken since they removed the AI city plots. Remember how it used to work? the terminals only searched the market for you - and then you had to fly out to the appropriate org city, find the player shop and buy the item from an actual terminal. It added so much immersion to the simple act of buying items from other players.

GMI, as it works now, functions much more similarly to the auction house on World of Warcraft. you buy an item for the price listed, and it is (almost) instantly mailed to your character. Much quicker and simpler, but a lot less involved. City plots are removed, and now look more like random parking lots scattered around RK.

curious why they actually removed that system. Maybe they thought it was too much fun, and they wanted players to lose interest in their game and quit.

I’d like to have GMI available as well. It’s pretty much something I take for granted in other MMOs (EQ2, WOW, FF14, Rift, LOTR and even EQ’s is better than the old system, which isn’t saying much).

Not a game breaker for me, since even on live, it’s barely functional, since you pretty much have to know exactly what you’re looking for.

And how did you figured that out please? Just because they are disabled until now? Many things are disabled for now…