Guarding Followers Vanish! APB issued! Story at 11!

I have two thralls of my base’s police force guarding inside my bank/mint, near my vault. Yesterday I noticed that they are completely gone. I checked often to see if they returned, even reloaded my game from desktop, and they are still gone. They are also no longer on my followers list.

I was thinking that maybe they were killed by a purge and I just didn’t notice, since I have noticed a lot of purges do occur near my vault. Also, the last purge occurred while I was afk. When I came back, the purge horn sounded off, but no timer started and I fought no purge. I guess what I’m asking is, could the purge have killed off those two thralls? The way I understand it, though, is that the purge will go on and on until it is defeated.

Anyway, regardless of what is happening, it really bothers me that my thralls will just disappear forever. I spend significant time leveling them to 20 and would like for them to remain. If anyone has any advice, thank you for responding! Just so you know, my game is somewhat modded with mostly decor ation stuff.

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