Gugalanna of Yimsha Achievement

I am trying to get some of the more obscure Achievements and I found out about the Gugalanna of Yimsha quest in Turan today. A quick Google search reveals that someone just completed this quest earlier this year (the screenshot is posted on Steam).

According to Cynara’s Age of Conan blog and the old AOC forums, six players each with a Mark of Yimsha gem need to stand on six pads to summon the boss and destroy him. Previously, a single player could summon the boss by running across all six pads, but this cheat was fixed by Funcom awhile ago.

I tried to get some players together to do this, but not only do I need a total of six participants but all of them must have the Mark. This has to be the worst quest mechanic ever devised, but I would like to get this achievement.

Is there a Guild out there who would like to assist? I am in Nightwolves, but there doesn’t seem to be many players available at the moment. We can coordinate a day and time on the forums, and I can meet everyone on Crom to get this done. There are probably other players who do not have this Achievement as well.


I have done this a couple of years ago with my guild. I do not remember if we each had a mark- and when I get in game later, I will check to see if I have to achievement. If not, i would be interested, and I have alts too (who doesnt, right?)

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Great, I appreciate it. Just reply here and let me know what you find out.

To get the mark, just farm the mobs in the area, it will take less than 5 minutes to get one.

Yes, I have a number of Marks. What I need are other players with Marks to stand on the pads and summon the boss monster.

Marks are character-bound, so each of 6 participants need to get their own

Yes, I noticed that the Marks were bound-to-character when I tried to assemble a group to stand on the pads. :slight_smile: