GUI/Rendering error

I recently built myself a new computer and played Secret World Legends yesterday just fine. Then today as I click the “Secret World Legends” icon to start it up, I instantly received the error “Failed to initialize GUI/rendering system. Please try updating your video card with the latest version.”

Everything on my computer is up-to-date. I even searched the web and found the possible fix of disabling the antivirus software I have, then deleting the Gui folder in the Secret World Legends>Data folder, then using the “PatcherSetup” to fix the issue.

I did all of that and I’m still receiving the GUI/rendering error.

I’m not sure what else to try. As I said this is a newly built Windows 10 Pro computer, with all updated software.

Hey there MScifiwriter, sorry to hear of the trouble. There’s a variety of issues that can cause this particular error, and resolve it we’ll need to get more information about your system and installation. Please go to and open a tech support ticket and we’ll assist you further.

I have same problem. It started when i downloaded and installed latest Nvidia update for video card.

If i go into Task Manager and end task all nvidia stuff i don’t have the problem anymore but not sure my vid card is working properly anymore. Game still runs same with them all ended.

Maybe go back to previous video card update will solve problem until Nvidia fixes their newest update?

EDIT: Deleted newest version nvidia update and installed previous version and all works fine now :slight_smile: