(guide) AO Tips

Froob Tips

This website has almost no options for making a decent-looking text layout, so this guide is going to have the aesthetics of a serial killer note. I wrote this guide from the perspective of an existing player, so some terms might raise a few questions for newer players. If you have any questions about anything in this guide, right below this bit of text, I will post some links to websites that have more information as well as a “search” function. And if that fails, there is this website called “www.google.com” Where you can type in a few keywords, and it will give you links to other websites that might be able to help you. This guide will probably get bigger as time goes on, but most of the non-profession-specific tips I can think of so far are already in it. If there are any mistakes in this guide -and there will be- , I want you to let me know. Not that I am going to change anything, I just really enjoy being humiliated.


those with an asterix ( * ) are useful for new players

Roughly from most to least usefull

Usefull downloads

  • Item Assistant
    (Anarchy Online Item Assistant download | SourceForge.net)
    It’s a third-party program that keeps track of where all your items are on all characters. has a search function, you just type in the name of the item and it will tell you on what character the item is and in what bag. It also lets you see what your characters have equipped, which makes twinking easier since it lets you log off your character to preserve gauntlet buff/ nanocan and plans your next twink step without any time pressure. Especially if u take a screenshot of your skills before logging off.
  • Mish buddy
    Third-party program. When rolling missions at the RK mission terminal, and one of the random item rewards is something that you are looking for, it will let you know. You can even let the program roll a mission every 2 seconds until one of the random items matches the item you want. This works only for items that appear as mission rewards ofc. Start this program before starting AO.
  • Clicksaver
    (Anarchy Online ClickSaver 3.1.0 (31-Jul-2012) Download)
    -above link, for the download, for v3+ you have to register with ur email. Be sure to check ur spam folder-
    -arpa3.net also shows which items can be rolled and which cannot-
    (Clicksaver Guide • AO-Universe)
    -abovelink, for “How to Use clicksaver”-
    (ClickSaver - Guide to Rolling Specific Implants)
    -above link, for the guide on how to roll specific implants, like the head implant(map nav + treatment/Comp lit), which requires sense to equip.
    (Master Blitz List v2.0 • AO-Universe
  • above link for a list of valuable items to roll
    Keep in mind your virus scanner may delete it outright, so you will have to reverse that and make an exception for it, windows will also be skeptical, at which point you have to tell it “it’s ok man”.
    Same as Mish Buddym except Clicksaver also works for team missions, increasing the chances of getting the item you are looking for. Rolling team missions work best if there is an Engie in the team so he can warp everyone else to the mission the moment you complete the mission and receive the reward. If you play AO in windowed mode, you can drag the AO window mostly off-screen, so you can watch youtube while clicksaver is rolling missions for you. Start this program after you start AO on the character you want to roll missions on. When you accept a few team missions you will notice that it rolls 4 missions instead of 5 each time, if you change the slider settings, you can sometimes bump it up to 5 again.


  • Enter lets you quickly get past the EULA and the launcher window. Putting AO on your taskbar makes it even faster since you can open AO by pressing windows+“number”.
  • Numpad 5 will center your camera behind you. If you go to settings/camera and disable “enable camera control with left mouse button”, your left mouse button will no longer move your camera left and right. You can still adjust the camera by holding down the ctrl button then dragging the right mouse button.
  • In Windows settings/system/display changing text+app size will change the resolution settings of many apps including AO and make the text more blurry. Be warned
  • If you right-click a bag then left-click it, right after logging in. You can immediately zone.
  • Yalmaha Buy a low-level version as soon as you can afford it. Adventurers won’t need it. Neither do Higher level MPs with Quantum Wings that don’t use GSF. An ear implant with a vehicle air cluster in it will help you equip it at lower levels.
  • If you hit the auto run button while zoning, you will start running right after yourzone, losing no precious time.
  • Whenever you change a lot of settings of a certain character, make sure you log off right after, to save the settings. Because if you crash all your changes will not be saved, and you will have to do it all again.
  • Buy a super low-level Aggression Enhancer. Target the mob you want to pull then use this item, it will usually pull only that mob, without drawing other mobs as well.
  • /camp lets you return to the character selection screen instead of log off, that way you can relog to a different character on the same account, without having to log in again.
  • When looking for a certain profession for a buff do /list
  • Try saying Thank you. In AO or in real life.
  • When you hold shift or ctrl while raising a skill, you max it instantly.
  • If you are stuck somewhere sit down and type /stuck If it tells you you are not sitting down, sit down and alt+F4 twice. When you log back in you should be able to use /stuck.
  • You can use your social window to hold some right-clickable items so they don’t flood your inventory. see the items guide for the list of usable items.
  • Good leveling places from low to high level are. Arete, subway, totw, foremans, bothackers, mort borgs, PW borgs, Inner Sanctum, team missions. (more coming soon)
  • froob mule
    Since you can log on a froob at the same time as any of any paid character they are ideal to store and trade items with, you can even buy a “mail option” for a froob account, so you can mail yourself or others an item quickly, by simply parking him at a mail+bank terminal.
  • Light bar You can buy it at Basic ICC Accessories, you can also combine the light bar with White Trenchcoat to make Photon Embedded Cloak which can be equipped in many social armor slots.
  • Light effects don’t work in 1st person view, or when polymorphed.
  • You can make dark places a little easier to see by putting this macro on your Hotbar.
    /macro light /fxscript tweak_rubi-ka_sunlight #
    you can also use your org bot to change your light. make a macro by typing the following
    /macro light /tell “yourorgbot” !light
  • You can roughly organize items in 4 categories, if you use one specific bag type for each category your bank will stay organized even if you lose your prefs folder.
  • nodrop/quest/unique items
    I usually put in a certain kind of bag, this makes trading the other bags among characters easier because it prevents the “cannot trade bag cause nodrop/unique inside” message.
  • items to be processed
    Either by tradeskilling or another way (valuable instruction disks, gems, and pearls to be cut, silver/gold to be smelted), the destination of these bags is usually your tradeskiller.
  • Valuable items to keep
    Speaks for itself. Mostly items/nanos that are rare. An item with a high value, or high price on gmi. Items of breakpoint-qualitylevels like ql 44 “Galahad Inc T70 Beyer”/ “Nova dillon” ql ql 35/ 101/ 167 or slightly higher. Weapons that do alot of damage. Items that may not be rare/valuable but are always in demand for some reason, like “Sanity Recovery Medication” / “Steaming Hot Cup of Enhanced Coffee” / “JJ’s Berry” / / high level " Health and Nano Recharger" / “Fragment of the Source”
  • Items to be shop fed to terminals
    Pretty much anything that doesn’t fit in the other 3 categories. Be careful before you assign an item to this category, some items may not seem very expensive. You can check auno/your org/OOC/GMI if it’s valuable. The destination of these bags is usually your trader (even a level 25 trader is enough), because trader shops give the most credits when you sell items to this terminal. You can also simply refuse to pick up any items that you know are worthless, as only some items like Nanos and tank armors have a decent shop food price.
  • If you ever lose /don’t have your prefs folder for a character, you can copy the settings of an already existing character into the “lost character”, so the settings are exactly like what you are used to.
    C:\Users<account name>\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy Online (AppData is hidden folder have to type it in after “Users\Myname"type appdata here” ) . Then go to the account folder you want to copy from, copy the prefs.xml file into the new account folder, also copy the contents of the characters folder into the new characters folder. You can figure out what character number is which folder, by pressing shift+F9 while playing AO, it will show the character ID number.
    I personally always have one character i use as a default prefs layout, my froob agent because he has most nanoprograms already neatly organized in his nano programming window. Maybe one day
  • You can inspect anyone’s equipment to get some ideas and tips on what items you could use.
  • When trading items, ctrl+right click will instantly move an item to the trade/sell window.
  • Shift+T quickly opens up your tradeskill kit, for when you want to decide how much a tradeskill will level up an item, or no level up at all.
  • If there is a stack or enemies/corpses and you want to select a specific one, do a few slow left clicks, it will cycle through the corpses, then once desired corpse is selected right-click.
  • NCU + GSF + HoT, whenever you are lvl 25+ and see a fixer that is moving (not afk) ask for NCU + GSF + HoT, these buffs cost little ncu, (because of ncu buff) and will last a long time and help a lot for most professions.
  • shift+F quickly opens up looking for team window
  • If you are getting unlucky with drops, pray to RNGesus and try again the next day. Different days seem to affect the loot drops more than they should.
  • Close AO item assistant, before you update AO, otherwise the update might fail.
  • Equip yalm before going into the grid, so that when you get out of the grid near hostiles, you can instantly fly away.
  • The shopping terminals in APF “news stand” sell the cheapest high ql heal kits and stims.
  • Arul Saba , in Jobe Market “Professional” shop sells the cheapest arul saba bracer parts.


  • Do NOT buy ANYTHING from Neutral Advanced/superior shop terminals unless absolutely necessary. Their prices are very inflated, always check clan/omni advanced/superior shops first. The basic shop terminals seem to have the same prices, no matter if it’s neutral or a sided terminal. This is especially important for shiny clusters for implants. Make sure you make a list of all the clusters you need before checking the omni/clan superior shops.
  • You can also buy your implant clusters at the opposite sides’ clusters terminals, so it pays to know where the opposite sides’ superior shops are.
  • Trader shop When you sell items to this terminal you get 75% more credits compared to selling to a neutral/clan shop, which is the most. Some Omni terminals give 50% more compared to neutral/clan shops, which is almost as good. This bonus and your comp lit sell bonus stack multiplicatively. So if your comp lit gives 30% sell bonus and you sell to trader shop for 75% more, the result is 1.30X1.75=2,275 times more credits. Trader shop requires a lvl 25+ trader, which is easy to make.
  • Buy all the generic nanos from fair trade.
  • The generic nanos sold in Fair trade do not boost your Tutoring , tutoring expertise / Composite Tradeskill Special Expertise (1 hour) will boost it, although they are hard to come by these days. If you know where to get them now, please let me know.
  • If you create 10 hotbars, you can bind one entire sequence to one key, like for example fling+burst+full auto, or an entire nano/perk line, like for example a Traders plunder skills/shade perk lines. This way it automatically selects the highest version of the nano you can cast. The order in which you bind the keys in settings matters, so bind number 1 first then 2, etc, makes it easier. You can have a lot of hotbars at the exact same location on-screen as well so it doesn’t take up a lot of screen space. The highest number hotbar will then be visible after you relog, so that’s probably the hotbar you want to put your wanna see things on, as things with important cooldown timers or stuff you only occasionally click with the mouse.
  • You can also bind hotbar keys to the same button as non-hotbar actions. Like for example, you can bind a healnano or stim, then bind targetself to the same button (order matters) . Tapping that button twice will heal yourself and switch back to the target, after which you can use hostile nanos like debuffs/nukes again. For hostile nanos/perks I don’t recommend binding targetself to the same button, as it may cause you to debuff/nuke yourself.
  • You can also bind sit-healthnanorecharger-reload to one button. Then you can recover yourself by simple pressing that button twice, this sequence works well for playstyles that tend to always have themselves targeted, like froob advies/enfos/engies/MAs
  • for playstyles that tend to have to have an enemy targeted or nothing (dead enemy), adding -targetself- at the start might help. targetself-sit-healthnanorecharger-reload and then pressing that twice
  • With Battle Prepared Nano Recharge Kits / Battle Prepared Treatment Kits, the effect is delayed a couple of seconds. You can us those seconds to stand back up , cast a nano, then sit down just in time for the healing kit to take effect.
  • Jump height depends on 50% Agility and 50% Strength.
  • If 2 team members are in a different GS of the same zone, it’s alot easier to raise a person GS than it is to lower it. So the person with a lower GS should re-enter the zone.
  • Leaving team will let you use health and nano recharger as long as you don’t have agg. The usual case of when you don’t have agg, but need heals, is when the boss has strong AOE attacks.
  • You can also use the same trick to regain nano fast, to keep nuking, for example when someone is OST ing mobs for you to nuke, be it Powerleveling or just a boss fight.
  • You can leave an afk message with the /afk command. But on top of that, you can also make a social pet and rename it, everyone around you can see the message without flooding vicinity chat or getting flooded by chat. For example, if your fixer is parked at ICC grid but you are on a different character atm, you can spawn a leet pet on the fixer and rename it “tell poisongun for fixerbuffs”
  • In single RK missions, the mission item is always far away from the entrance, use the map to see how big the mission is and where the entrance is, the other side of the map is roughly where the mission item/npc is.
  • Zoning will cancel/reset a lot of stuff, resets layer absorbs and also resets the taunt you have built up with a monster, for when a soldier’s TMS runs out, or when someone does a lot of damage but doesn’t want agg. If you have AO installed into an m.2 SSD the zoning can go so fast, that you can cancel out nano recharge, letting you buff faster, although very few nanos have a long recharge delay to make it worth it.
  • Lasting Life fixer HoT can be cast on froobs lvl 195+
  • Always have at least, 2 boxes of ammo of the type you use, with you. If you feel like being nice, you can also carry boxes of ammo for different kinds of weapons, in case a teammate runs out of ammo.
  • Always carry enough nano rechargers and first aid stims that match your skill levels. First aid stims are one of the few heals non-healer professions have, and for the healer professions they allow you to regain nano during a fight to use more heals. If you feel like being nice, you can also carry chargers and stims of different quality levels, maybe, even so, you can let them stim you, so you can cast more heals.
  • You can use aimed shot/ sneak attack in the split second the mob first sees you, even without sneaking. So indoor areas with a lot of doors and corners work, but in big outdoor areas, it does not work.
  • If you turn down the music but still keep the master volume at 20-50% you can go watch youtube while you wait for a respawning mob, as long as that mob makes a sound or attacks on sight.
  • Weaponsdealer will reset his stock every time he respawns, so if you are looking for a specific ql shop buyable weapon, like a beyer/quartz/tsaka/original elec weapons, you can just keep killing him until he sells what you want.
  • list mode works well if you want to organize items by quality level/name, such as bags full of one specific item like a head implant/certain weapon/armor. Or you bank filled with bags, each having a different number given to them by the "item assistant"program. using list mode and moving 2 storage spaces right next to each other it is also a bit easier to move large amounts of items around since you can just click at the exact same spot with the mouse over and over.
  • icon mode works well in organizing items by what kind of items they are, for storage space that is usually filled with different types of items, like with your inventory, or a bag of key items/ hot-swap items.
  • You can hotswap your head implant to cast different nanos, by hot-swapping treatment gear then using a portable surgery clinic. This is mostly useful for “buff mules” especially if they can equip +nanoskill gear easily, after hotswapping head implant.
  • disable autofade on windows like inv/bags makes them easier to read most of the time. Chat is probably one of the exceptions since you cant temporarily remove the chat window with keyboard buttons.
  • safe places Most areas have safe places where no mob will wander into agg range. If the place is inaccessible without jumping. and far enough away for melee mobs, it is safe. For ranged mobs, it has to be inaccessible by running, and also out of the line of sight. You can even jump on things to make melee mobs lose agg, whenever a melee mob can’t reach you they will lose agg. Beacon warping someone into a “dungeon edge wall” (not a wall in between 2 rooms) is always a safe space. Areas, where no mob will wander into agg range, are semi-safe.
  • There are also places where mobs get stuck but don’t lose agg, making them very easy to kill with ranged attacks/nukes, but those things I will not discuss :wink: .
  • You can inspect anyone’s equipment to get some ideas and tips on what items you could use.
  • You can delete bags full of useless stuff a bit faster by, trading a random person, giving him all the useless bags with shift+rightclick, then fill up your inventory with single health rechargers using cntrl+left click, then cancel the trade, then zone. You cannot lose nodrop/unique items in bags this way. However, this is very risky since you can lose valuable tradeable items.
  • If you have a high-level Agent+MP+Trader, you can speed up the agent’s rezz time considerably by giving him mochams+wrangle right after he dies. This can help if you need to give an alt a lot of different buffs quickly during twinking.
  • You can rename a character if you picked the wrong name by doing /name nick "newnamehere" and some of the restrictions for naming might not apply for renaming, however, you can only do it up till lvl 20. And I think an ARK or GM has to do it manually so it’s not very nice to bother them needlessly.
  • ql 30 Health and nano recharger and ql 125 Battle Prepared Nano Recharge Kit (from omni/clan superior shop not fair trade) have roughly the same credit/nanopoint cost, so if you want to save credits use that combo, and make sure to buy them at omni/clan shops cause that’s cheaper.
  • When you kill only the rhinoman warchief and no other rhinomen in an outdoor camp, he will respawn a lot faster. For example the Central rhinoman village in Varmint Woods.
  • Having reflect/damage shields can break your root/snare/engieblind when the mob hits you. So reflect shields can in some cases be counterproductive.
  • When your nanopool is empty and the enemy is also draining it, hitting a nanoregen item and a nano at the same time will let you cast it. See the items guide(not done yet) for info on nano regen items.
  • The clickable target range for your mouse depends on where the camera is, so zooming out a lot in 3rd person makes it harder to mouse-select enemies far in front of you.
  • Add damage affects all attacks so the more often you hit the more you benefit from it, like for example full auto, burst, aimed shot (yes counts as multiple attacks) ,dual/triple wielding, weapon procs, aoe nuking (especially low levels) , candycane (although resonance blast is still better imo).
  • The chance of fling/full-auto/burst/brawl/fast-attack landing depends entirely on how high the specials skill is, and the evades of the mob. So AAO or year weapon skill does not affect landing chance, this means you will have to raise a special skill rather high in order to actually land it on higher level mobs, making it a significant ip sink, if you plan on actually using the special on higher level mobs, which is usually the case.
  • If you can somehow :wink: make sure that you press the nuke button only every 1.00 / whole seconds exactly your nukes will not interrupt auto attacks making you do more damage.
  • If you mezz an enemy, and the mezz runs out, most mobs will not attack you until you move out of then into their range again.
  • alt+f4 twice wil quit the game very fast, however, your User interface settings will not be saved, so if you made some changes to your windows/nanoprogram window that you want to save, it’s best to log out normally or use /camp to switch to a different character.
  • Holding CTRL then mouse dragging a stack of items will split the stack, you can decide how many of the stack you take by moving your mouse button horizontal and vertical.
  • When you want to lock your armor, do it in the grid, so you can’t accidentally unequip the armor pieces. You can still accidentally unequip in the weapons tab, so for locking that tab, you will have to do it while falling out of a yalm.
  • ToTW, in the Lien room you only have to kill the walking legos, the standing ones you can just run past if u hug the inner wall, saves some time not having to kill a train. Make sure the location where you kill the “walkers” isn’t too close to the standing ones.
  • ToTW Lien the memorystalker, has a very small aggro range so coords x (73.4) y (227.6) is a safe place, where you can put someone or your alt, to watch when lien has respawned.
  • You can get a 138 wrangle at lvl 185+, from a Paid trader with distill life 10 perked. And a 146 wrangle when you are lvl 195+.
  • The doors to omni ent superior shops are bugged, get out of your yalm , stand in the middle of the door then jump to enter the shop.
  • if ur lowbie toon rolls a (team)mission, you can just team a high-level engie , copy key, then fly there on the high-level engie (coords are in mission description) then warp them in. This is great for when you are rolling team missions to boost your chances of getting an item with clicksaver. Goes even faster if you fgrid the engie.
  • If you want to give an ncu memory to your alt, and have some psychic boosting imps+gear around, morphing memory is a cheap alternative.
  • You can reshape your inventory, so that the free spaces form a large square, then place the tradeskill tool in the middle. This way you won’t have to mouse your mouse as much.
  • Ask SL player to insert lots of shiny AAD/AAO, shiny xp, shiny Skill Lock, shiny NF Interrupt, cluster into 200 imps, like a prefab. These tradeskilles require a lot of psychology which is impossible to get on a froob.
  • Stay away from gunbeetles and slayerdroids when possible, they do a lot of damage.
  • When camping a boss/spot or have to wait for when the action starts, you just watch youtube, and use AOs sound as a cue to let you know when its time.
  • Cohort and Horde boost a lot of AC and damage compared to their ncu cost.
  • Stun nanos are technically also a temporary mezz, meaning that if you land it on an unaware mob, and quickly run past them, they will not aggro you. You can also attack a mob when stunned and it will not get aggressive when the stun runs out.
  • switch fight target can serve the same function as attack, but in addition can also switch between targets with only 1 button press. This makes switch fight target, generally speaking, a better button to bind to “q”
  • NVMe m.2 SSD as a hard drive will make AO’s area loading transitions very fast (the main reason people most people hate busing whompas subconsciously) . For older systems, a SATA SSD is also an option. Either option will improve not just AO load times, but your computing experience in general.
  • In RK team missions, the moment you enter the boss floor, mobs can take a few seconds before they aggro you. You can use those few seconds to walk to a spot where you are not in aggro range of many mobs at the same time.
  • Hot-swapping can be very useful, you can hot-swap nanoskill boosting gear, to cast higher level buffs (that last long anyway). You can hot-swap ncu boosting gear to fit more buffs into your ncu. Hotswap between evade / damage gear, depending on the situation. You can even hot-swap implants with a portable surgery clinic and some treatment boosters. Keep in mind that implants ql200+ have diminished returns, so having 105 points of nanoskill of your choosing, maybe better than the 115 fixed points from a ql226 implant.
  • When you have aggro but want to log off, just press alt + F4 twice. Keep in mind the game does not save the changes you made to your prefs since your last normal logoff. I know a lot of people who use alt F4 as their default logoff method.
  • If you camp multiple bosses at the same time, you can kill one boss while the others are respawning. This is of course easiest if you have multiple characters parked at different spots. But if you are only after 1 specific item, then it is less stroke-inducing to just have fun while that 1 boss is respawning.
  • You can avoid damage from ranged mobs by rooting/snaring them, then hiding behind an obstacle.
  • You can fire off specials in mid-air.
  • The beginnings of the omni sided foremans quests give a lot of xp and are not level locked, however, you will probably need a fast mezzer to escort a lvl 1 through the first part. The clan side foremans quests don’t give xp, except for the very first “camera” mission.
  • When an area has too many people in it, it may create an alternate dimension of the same zone, a GS=2 version. Once you are in the “higher dimension” you can bring other people to that dimension by teaming them before they enter the zone. It is not possible to enter a “lower dimension” by teaming someone that is inside unless the number of people has dropped considerably. However, this also has nothing to do with teaming someone and may simply be because there is no room in the lower GS anyway. More testing is needed.
  • Nanodelta is at max speed with 781+ psychic, not 780+ as many may think.
  • Initiate Teachings of the Immortal One does not prevent attacks from, Eternal sentinels, Eternal Guardians, Exarchs
  • You cannot die in the grid, so it’s a safe place if you have a heavy dot on you, or are flagged.
  • The maximum quality level of loot a boss can drop is (boss-level x 1.25) the lowest quality a boss can drop is (boss-level x 0.75) this is valid mostly for items that vary in quality level.
  • If you place your weapon on hotbar
    you can see how many bullets are still left in the gun.
  • /tell ttst is the most accurate bot for teaming ranges and mission roll levels
  • You can twink a higher ql Flurry of blows, for more “wear” units, then use a lower ql Flurry of blows for “use”.
  • With Autorun combined with asdw or arrow keys, you can run through the game, and use your mouse at the same time, to for example use menus, or target enemies, loot corpses.
  • You can give someone 2 fgrids, one for immediate use and one to use for later. When u cast self fgrid nano, then combine Quiescent Grid Waveform Template will appear in your inventory. Combine it with Empty Data Receptacle Container to make Full Data Receptacle Container , and trade it to someone.
  • There is a shortcut to the 2nd floor of the grid near Rome grid exit. If you are omni, simply take the Emergency exit and you will end up in Omni Ent. From there just use the grid terminal at your feet and boom, you can quickly go to Rome/harry.
  • Platinum Filigree rings that boost nanoskills, only need to be ql201+ and it doesn’t matter if the gem is cut or not.


Engie + MP

  • Both professions hit often, increasing the chances of either Mezz pet or engie blind to stick to the target.
  • Engie pets benefit a lot from MP nanoskill buffs.
  • Heal pet works on Engie robots.
  • aoe blind does not taunt adds, so be carefull of the heal pet getting add aggro.
  • if the tank is away from the mob when mezz pet mezz breaks, the mob will attack the closest thing, so either always keep the tank near the mob with mez on him
  • MP 202 tormented revenant does more damage than engie 200 slayer, and also taunts more, so keep that in mind.

Agent + Mezzer

  • An agent that is tanking can do an aimed shot in the middle of a fight if the mezzer wipes aggro with a mezz. However, the agent has to stop attacking for 2 seconds after the mezz lands, in order for it to work.

Evade setup healer + Engie

  • The heal aggro will draw all the adds to the healer without breaking the engie blind, and since the adds have a blind aura, and healer has high evades, it reduces add damage by a lot. Just be sure to cancel any reflect shield/damage shield on the healer since they break engie blind when a mob hits him.
  • Great for when physical attack adds cannot be calmed/snared outside of range.

Advie + Advie + Advie

  • The different advie aura buffs stack with each other and everything else, the most important ones being sabretooth damage aura and leet crit aura.
  • The highest damage advie can go Dragon mode and tank, this makes other advies’ complete heals more effective.
  • Great for bosses with an area of effect damage because, since you will have a lot of team heals.

Crat + Pet profession (MP)

  • The crat can charm a teammates pet, by both leaving team and dueling for 2 seconds, then ending the duel. Good options are a lvl 202 Tormented Revenant MP pet, or and 205 Corporate Guardian with Corporate Strategy damage buff running from a paid crat. Although you may be out of pvp range of the paid crat, in which case you can ask him to log off in order to charm his pet. And you will need to use the brain freeze nano + brain chopper debuff.
  • MP’s are a good choice to team with since they can buff the crats nanoskills , and MPs can often resummon their own pets after you charm them.

Doc + Enfo (+ Crat)

  • This is obvious, Enfos usually don’t have an evade setup, so focussing on init debuffs + heals, is often a better route to take, as opposed to evades+ AAO debuffs.
  • Enfos high hp makes the doctors’ complete heal much more effective.
  • Enfos heal reactivity buff makes heals more effective.
  • Enfos have high Nano resist, so its also good against mobs/bosses that cast a lot of hostile nanos.

Fixer + ----

  • Don’t team anyone, people are ***holes, they’re only nice to you until they get “the services they want”, after that they don’t even give you a thank you. At least prostitutes get paid.
  • Btw they will only slow you down.
  • Also since they will always be slower than you, they will always be looking at your **s. Again, at least prostitutes get paid for that.
  • Btw the more people see what you’re smuggling… the more holes you gotta dig in the desert.
    Which is gonna slow you down even more. I told ya, teammates only slow you down. Besides, bending over and sweating ain’t fun. At least prostitutes get paid for that.
  • Your evades are very high, which is useful when you are tanking WHEN you are tanking. But since your damage will suck, you probably won’t be tanking, making those evades mostly pointless.


  • You can clean implants with a Implant Disassembly Clinic, which requires 4,75X the ql of implant in BE, and 1X the ql in NP. Implants with jobe clusters or ql 201+ refined imps cannot be cleaned.
  • By repeatedly cleaning an implant, and then adding a faded cluster to it, you can level up an implant, if you have enough NP skill. every 100 NP you have more than the requirement will bump the imp by 1 ql. The max amount of ql’s you can bump an implant depends on its level. ql 1-49 never , ql 50-99 = 1 qlmax, ql 100-149 = 2 ql’s max, ql 150-199 = 3 ql’s max, ql 201-249 = 4 ql’s max, ql 250-299 = 5 ql’s max.
  • You can use the tradeskill kit from the left menu or shift+T, to determine how many ql’s the tradeskill will bump the item. This lets you level imps to a very specific ql, by simply using tradeskill kit once it is almost at its desired ql.
  • Cluster buying When you scout superior shops for a ql172+ cluster, be sure to buy some extra and put them in the tradeskillers bank, for later use, especially for commonly used shiny clusters. Prices of 172+ shiny clusters are 6 times cheaper from sided superior shops, compared to neutral sup shops.
  • slayerdroids at Lush Fields grid exit drop robot junk + implants
  • medusas north west corner of eastern foul plains drop soul fragment + silver + gold + cold stones + implants + miy’s nano armor
  • Mantis queen and Mantis breeders inside smugglers den drop mantis eggs, aswell as gems such as soul fragments
  • Most useless rings, or golden sphere/silver nugget can be smelted into gold/silver with Precious Metal Reclaimer.
  • ql 190+ robot junk + ql190+ gold + soul fragments + mantis eggs can be used to make Virral Triumvirate Egg
  • ql189- robot junk and silver you can use to make Bracelet Circuitry to sell or make arul saba bracelets. Robot junk can also be used to make Personalized Basic Robot Brain to equip. breakpoint quality levels for robot brain are ql 10/26/43/60/76/93/109/126/142/159/176/192
  • cold stones can be used to make NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat
  • Empty implants you can clean to save money,
  • When tradeskilling large numbers of items, there are 2 main approaches.
  • Doing the same tradeskill step to all those items of the same type, like for example transforming all Carbonrich Rocks into Program Crystals. Or smelting all silver/gold rings+bracers into ingots.
  • Or completely finish one item at a time, which requires more thinking. but does save mouseclicks, because you don’t have to put the ingredients back into a bag, only to pull them out again to finish the product.

Twinking (preparation)

  • Create a separate account for each froob you create, that makes it easier to trade items, buff yourself, escort your toon through dungeons with a twink. Make sure you don’t forget all the account names or give them names that are easy to track for you.
  • Start a new character as neutral, so you can get either clan/omni gauntlet buff
  • If the twink is gonna be ip tight, make sure the character didn’t raise any abilities the twink doesn’t need in the end. Or if it did, make sure it still has a full IP reset available. ((Guide) IP distribution)
  • Make sure you farm any “permanently missable items” that you might want while leveling up.
    ((guide) Missable items)
  • While leveling the twink you will come past certain levels where you can roll certain specific ql gear that u might not want to miss out on, like for example at lvl 54 you can roll Uncle Bazzit Rusty 22mm which only exist at ql 96. Or specific ql armor/weapons/hud items that fit one of your characters perfectly in terms of requirements. Or roll team missions for bosses to drop specific items like shape soft armor or grid armor 2 or dyna only weapons.
  • Make sure you farm any nodrop items needed for twinking before you start twinking. Like “rhinoman” or “lya patch”
  • Make sure you farm any nodrop items you can only equip while twinking, like a high level “cloak of the reanimated blah blah 5/5”, or “lya sangi glasses”.
  • Unequip all items if you need to reset some skills
  • Before twinking always reset skills you don’t need, if unsure, reset it anyway.
  • Then it’s time to make sure your org has tower contracts for twinking up.
  • Get some friends that can cast all sorts of buffs to help you twink, and a tradeskiller that can make+clean+levelup implants.
  • gauntlet and side locked items This is a tricky part. Ideally you want to twink when gauntlet is actively up for at least one side. That way you can refresh it if you are still neutral. However at some point you may want to go to one side in order to use side locked items. This will put ur side-change skill on a long cooldown. So by the time you can change sides again, gauntlet will no longer be up which is sad. However there is a trick, if you start conversation with the gauntlet NPC, and then gauntlet is no longer up, you can still pick conversation option to get the gauntlet buff. So for example, if you are clan and omni gauntlet buff is up. You can go omni with an application form, get omni gauntlet buff, use some omni only items while twinking. Then once you want to back to clan, open conversation with the omni gauntlet NPC, and simply wait until your side change skill is out of cooldown. Omni gauntlet will no longer be up but it doesn’t matter, because you can still pick the conversation option “show wrist” then use clan application form, and voila.

screenshot of your abilities, and write down treatment+complit + other important skills, and also make sure you have Item Assistant running, then log off. This way you can preserve the buffs, while you can still look at your skills and equipment using Item assistant and the screenshots. This way you have plenty of time to calculate/plan what item(s) to equip next.

  • Nano Can: Composite Attribute Improvement (optional)
  • Nano Can: Computer Literacy Mastery (optional)
  • Nano Can: Treatment Mastery (optional)
  • Twinking Nano Can: Neuronal Stimulator (optional)
  • Einstein’s Mind Booster Cocktail and Hercules" Olympic Pills (optional) use it only at important twink moments, depending on how many of the pills you have. You can use them at “starting ladder” , “comp lit ladder” or “main ladder up” or “main ladder down”
  • extruder bar Keep this in mind while twinking, don’t use them all the time because they don’t last long + there is a cooldown on it, making your gauntlet buff run out of time faster, so only at very important twink steps, like the very end of “comp lit ladder” or “main ladder up” or “main ladder down”. Or to get a specific item on that you could not otherwise.
  • Getting started

"Starting ladder"

unequip all items
reset skills
Composite Attribute Boost
Composite Utility Expertise
low ql belt + memories
(optional) Receive Fixer ncu buff
(optional) Receive Fixer “NCU booster” perk buff from a paid fixer’s “Grid NCU Extension” perk line (lvl requirement 11/ 41/ 111/ 181, mainly usefull for super low-level thinking
(optional) ql1-5 Original electronicum X2 (temporary ncu boost) from RK backyard vendor (“Arrival” / “Highrise” / “Apartment complex”, hot-swap these when more ncu is needed)
(optional) Platinum Filigree Ring set with a Perfectly Cut Sapphire left finger
med suit
Surgery clinic buff
Ring of the Nucleus Basalis
(optional) stamina buff for carb armor
ql15 rusted carb / ql 1/16 carb / Newcomer’s armor (hotswap when receiving buffs)
ICC Peacekeeper Smelling Salts
agil,sense poly pillows / Tsakachumi (including required imps/buffs)
(optional) Nano programming imps
Advanced Symbol Manipulation
Advanced scent sensor
docaholic rings / almandine platinum rings (depends on what u need more)
agility + treatment imps ladder
head (complit+percep)
eye (complit+multiranged)
right hand (complit+fling)
pop "Nano Can: “Computer literacy mastery (optional)”
collar of amplification PM
personalized robot brain ql 76+
treatment library
higher ql ncu mems and high ql belt
(agents/traders) wrangle , trader drains then Comp lit buff
(agents/traders) even higher ql ncu mems and higher ql belt
(agents/fixers) Implant Disassembly Clinic
pop “Nano Can: Composite attribute improvement (optional)”
pop “Nano Can: Treatment Mastery (optional)”
pop “Nano Can: Neuronal Stimulator (optional)”
pop “Hercules’ Olympic Pills” (if you have 4+ of them)
pop “Einstein’s Mind Booster” (if you have 4+ of them)
advie percep buff (/wolf morph for agents or advies)+wolf aura -->targeting scope ql 120±,
poly pillows / Unexpected attack + take the shot buffs -->equip ql40 tsaka
left wrist(multi ranged+runspeed+rifle)
right wrist(pistol+rifle+fling)
Unexpected attack + take the shot buffs+ wrangle -->hematite → equip ql 80 tsaka
(engies)(optional) treatment + agility ladder, (these 2 imps steps, are only needed if the robot sonar is high ql)
(engies)(optional) eye(elec eng) righthand(elec eng, fling) head(elec eng)
(engies)(optional) elec engineering maestro, equip Experimental Mole Robot Sonar hud1 (can farm shovelets east from clondyke grid exit)
upladder Agility + treatment ladder
chest imps stam + strength
downladder Comp lit imps
special issue grey suit
beyer pistol(s) / intel poly pillows
Head Skinchip - Temperature Modification / Salesman’s Hat
equip belt + memories + personalized robot brain + Rebuilt NCU Wrist Implant + treatment library
ql15 rusted carb / ql 16 carb / Newcomer’s armor (hotswap from now on when recieving buffs)
Omni-Tek Smelling Salts / Collar Casero de la Cripta / collar of amp / treatment board. (depending on your level)
— then on from here

Armor+ Weapons twinking

There are a few different orders in which you can twink armor and weapons. I will try to list the most common ones.

  • [mainladderup] - [mainladderdown] - [armor/weapon]
    Since non-skill stats(ACs etc) of armor, are affected by overequip rules, those stats usually drop down if you equip armor with ability imps, then switch to combat imps. This is why i usually equip armor after I do the implant “main ladder down” (replacing ability boosting imps like chest/leg/feet with combat imps). When equipping weapons and aiming for 100% effectiveness (80% skill requirements), i usually also use this twink order.
  • [weapon/armorladder] - [equip armor/weapon] - [mainladderup] - [mainladderdown] .
    Examples are dog of war, cloak of the rean, rhinoman armor, third eye of daria Certain “Milestone” armor/weapons, in other words, items that have fixed requirements or items where you want the highest possible quality of equiped, and requires a lot of twinking. Then it can be usefull to equip that item first, then twink the rest of the implants while still keeping that armor/weapon equiped.
  • If you twink on 2 weapons that have the same specials, the weapon in your right hand’s special will be used. If only one weapon has that particular special than ofc that weapon will be used for that special.
  • When twinking on 2 weapons it’s usually best to first twink on the weapon with the highest multi wield requirement since you can focus all your effort on twinking other weapons skills, . Then after that is equipped, twink the weapon with the lower requirements on, since then you will have to spread your effort on both multi wield and the other weapon skills.

Twinking (general tips)

  • I use the Item Assistant adapted by MC labs, after every couple of items i equip , i record all my relevant skills, (abilities + CL + treatment) .Take a screenshot of my abilties paste it in paint and write down treatment+comp lit/ other important skills along with it, then log off. By looking in item assistant and the abilities paint document, i have all the time to calculate what to do next, without buffs (specially gauntlet buff) running out.
  • You can ask a 220 clan solitus character to the team you and cast his Shadowbreed on you, increasing your perception by a lot, making it easy to equip a targeting scope or something else. However there are plenty of perception buffs aside from that one, and the main reason is to get aimed shot high enough to equip a ql 40/80 tsaka rifle which is easy anyway
  • There are more stamina buffs than agil/sense buffs. So you can use stamina buffs to equip agility boosting implants + fireAC-sense-agil waist imps, then use the agil/sense boosting implants to equip most of your final combat imps. Some final combat imps can be made to require str/stam, for which there are more buffs, but for most implants agil/sense will be your most likely requirement.
  • At very low levels, there isn’t a long cooldown to using side change forms, so you can equip items from both clan+omni side by simply changing sides halfway through the twinking process.

Pet professions

  • Letting your pet attack a mob a few times before you start attacking yourself, helps it keep agg. Specially if you don’t use any high damage specials.
  • When fighting multiple mobs you can set your pet on the new mob, before the old one is dead, to build up agg, this way you can keep doing damage yourself, without drawing agg.
  • Pets inherit their masters runspeed X1.25 the moment they are spawned and whenever you zone. So temporarily boosting your speed while spawning pet/zoning will make your pet faster even after the speed boosts run out. Speed stims only work for spawning a pet, but zoning will negate the effects of a speed stim on your pet because zoning redetermines pet speed, and speed stim effects cancel on zoning…
  • 4 Different catagories of Pets in terms of their levels.
    4 = A pet you can only cast and use while having both MC Mochams and Wrangle running. Very few people have a pocket MP and trader available at all times, so this situation is rare,
    3 = A pet you can only cast while having both MC Mocham and Wrangle running, but have 80% skills for with only Mochams. The most common situation is a bit lower level than situation 4 but does not need constant wrangle refreshes.
    2 = A pet you can cast with Mochams, and also requires Mochams to keep using. This is when you have regular access to a pocket MP, but can’t find a trader to helps you spawn the pet, this is kindof a rare situation.
    1 = A pet you can cast with Mochams, but have 80% skills for without Mochams, this requires no buff refreshes at all and is only slightly lower than situation 2. If you don’t have access to a pocket MP, and you don’t feel like hunting an MP down for mocham refresh, you can just go from situation 2 (mocham-cast mocham-use) to this (mocham-cast selfed-use) right before mochams run out. That way you have the best of both situation 2 and 1.
    0 = A pet you can cast without any buffs. At higher levels this will be the most common situation.
  • Outside of combat you can use health and nano recharger on your pets to heal them.
  • You can only pet warp when you and your pet do not have aggro, putting the pet on follow by default, makes it more likely you can warp your pet.
  • Emergency Treatment Laboratory When a teammate/your pet has agg for even a second, you can use these to tradeskilled heal kits. Treatment Laboratory Bot-Injector determines the ql of the final product, but it can be bumped a bit by having high tradeskills.

I will probably move all profession specific information to seperate threads in the future.


  • Polymorph auras stack with everything else, for example, Leet aura stacks with crit buffs. Different advie auras also stack with each other.
  • When morphed in dark areas, turn up the brightness of ur display(+screen glasses) forget a monitor with a black equalizer

Agent in False Profession MP

  • Agent stun nano is amazing when you take into account the duration and the recharge. It is also technically a mezz, which means u if u cast it on mob A then quickly aimed shot mob B next to it, mob A will not come running after you, which means you can aimed shot mob A later.
  • You can go False Profession: Trader trader first, then drain up right before FP trader runs out. Then use the drained up skills to go fp/assume MP and cast high level pets, even higher if you have fixer/MP/trader friends for buffs.
  • Twinking ncu before doing this will help. put NCU twinking guide here once done
  • The first time you do this trick it helps to go FP trader first, then after it ends, use the drained up skills to upload the Assume Profession: Trader nano. Or Mimic Profession: Trader if you start at assume.
  • So that the next time you go FP trader you can drain up and cast assume while still in FP, or mimic while still in assume improving your nanoskills+nanocost. However, you probably need Lend nano buff from another trader to do this in FP-assume. But not if you go from assume-mimic.
  • Drains are most ncu efficient, then wrangle then MP nanoskill buffs, so if you don’t have enough ncu to hold mochams+drains+wrangle, try to use lower versions MP buffs like infuses/masteries or even none at all.
  • Alongside drains and wrangle, you don’t need all mochams at the same time while doing this pet spawning process.
  • first PM TS mochams while draining in FP/assume trader.
  • Lendnano and maybe SI PM BM (for casting assume/mimic trader)
  • PM TS for draining up again
  • SI PM BM (for assume/mimic MP)
  • MC TS BM (pets, anima, instill ),
  • MC SI (pet chant buff)
  • agents can also cast crit buff and assassin’s grin on their attack pets /charms
  • After the spawning process kill yourself with /terminate
  • After resurrection go FP/assume trader and drain up nanoskills in order to for the pets to listen to you
  • At higher levels you won’t need to drain to cast pets or use them, at that point you can go MP right off the bat and make pets first, then kill yourself, then cast another mimic like doc or even crat to charm more pets, see crat section for more info on pet donation.
  • If you run away a bit during a fight until your pet grabs agg for 1 sec. You can use aimed shot again on the same mob. This works best with high runspeed and melee mobs, and it helps to bind sneak+aimedshot to the same button. You can still also bind sneak and aimed shot on other separate buttons as well ofc.
  • The same can be done with mezzes, casting a mezz will wipe agg, thus letting you use aimed shot again, you will have to wait 1 second for the mezz to take effect though.
  • Heal pet will keep healing if you set it on yourself before TMS.
  • You can cast assasins grin and Enhanced Sureshot on your MP attack pet and charms.


  • Do pet follow after you zone, to prevent them from breaking your mezzes.
  • Make sure to get a Trader’s tradeskill buffs to use the highest possible Trimmer - Positive Aggressive-Defensive and Trimmer - Increase Aggressiveness, they are the only 2 permanent trimmers that will stay in effect until the pet dies.
  • Another pet profession can "give" his pet to you, by simply starting a duel, then you charm his pet, then both do /duel draw. An MP is an ideal candidate because they can boost your nanoskills, and the Tormented Revenant lvl 202 skeleton pet is the highest damage froob pet when fully buffed. If the person with the donor pet is too high level to duel, you can ask them to log off. Right after logging off their pet becomes attackable and charmable. The downsides are that you will lose the pet if you zone, or if the timer runs out. The floor buttons inside missions are not considered zoning so they will not make you lose the charmed pet.
  • Charming higher levels
    Either Brain Freeze nano or Briefcase of Holding proc or Drain Abilities nano lowers psychic so you can charm something that you might not be able to without these debuffs. “Brainchopper” also has a proc that stacks with the aforementioned one. A lvl 205 Corporate Guardian with Corporate Strategy buff running, from a paid crat, is the highest damage pet a froob can charm. However the strategy buff only lasts 10 minutes, a triple-wielding pet with a 500+ damage buff does ALOT of damage.
  • When you have no robot shell in your inv and your inv is full, you can spawn multiple robot shells in your overflow window. So if you have some spare time and will be fighting tough mobs and plan to stay inside the same zone. You won’t have to delay the team with your pet castings in the middle of a raid/mission.


Encode DNA Sequence and Digitizing Sequencer have different cooldown timers, so using one will not put the other in cooldown.


  • Make sure to get a trader’s tradeskill buffs to use the highest possible Trimmer - Positive Aggressive-Defensive and Trimmer - Increase Aggressiveness, they are the only 2 permanent trimmers that will stay in effect until the pet dies.
  • When you have no robot shell in your inv and your inv is full, you can spawn multiple robot shells in your overflow window. So if you have some spare time and will be fighting tough mobs and plan to stay inside the same zone. You won’t have to delay the team with your pet castings in the middle of a raid/mission.
  • When in a team you can warp others/yourself past certain walls/bounds, you can use this get past anything that isn’t “the end of the map” like buildings, or locked doors. If you want to keep someone safe, for example, to get kill updates for an elite daily, you can warp them into a wall, where they cannot be attacked.
  • The intrusive aura nanoline is useful in theory, but in reality, it usually causes more trouble then it’s worth. The low break chance means regardless of how many times the enfos uses mongo, the mob might still attack another player simply because the enfo is out of reach. It also breaks the Disruptive Void Projector effect on mobs, which is a shame because that is actually a more useful debuff.
  • Disruptive Void Projector is one of the 4 most usefull nanos in game, it has a 100% chance to break on attack but if the monster under effect is being hit often enough, the effect will actually stick.
  • Using pet heals draws aggro, so try to use them late in the fight or in between fights. Or when your pet is about to die, then it’s usually a good idea, otherwise, the bot agg is wiped, which is worse than your own aggro increasing a little bit.
  • If you have to heal your pet a lot but also want him to keep agg, go full deff slider, or you can ask a mezzer to mezz the mob when your pet is low hp, then terminate the pet and spawn a new one quickly, another teammate can tank for short while.
  • Cancelling all your damage + reflect shields can actually make you take less damage since your blind won’t break when a mob hits you. This is mostly true when there are adds that are hitting your engie, not so much in 1 v 1 situations.


  • Mongo Slam slam has an super low nanocost, especially compared to how much it heals/taunts. Making it great as a Heal over time at lower levels, and great for pulling mobs at higher levels.


  • Gridspace Freedom (Team) works in Inner Sanctum.
  • Fixers with Grid armor are great for afk killing dynas. You just have to recast a short HoT every 3 min.


  • Casting cost buff on your heal pet will make it last longer in a fight.
  • Outside of combat you can use health and nano recharger on your heal pet to recharge its nano.
  • When a mob under the effect of the mezz pet, hitting the mob often enough will make the mezz stick. completely incapacitating the mob. It is also the only mezz in the game that does not make the mob regenerate health. One of the IS skeleton pets + weapon + nuke exactly every 2 secs can make it stick sometimes, when teaming with another pet user teammate, it will happen alot.
  • When Mind quake is running on an enemy, Glacial lance will do about the same damage as mind quake but with a lower nanocost. But the effects of mind quake have to be running for the effect. So you can start off by firing a mind quake then 8 Glacial lances after exactly every 2.00 seconds.
  • Quantum wings can be used in the middle of a fight to fly off.
  • If you use /pet guard command and then do /pet heal on yourself, your pets will automatically assist you, letting you focus on other things like debuffing or nuking.
  • MP’s are also great for afk killing dynas, their defense is a bit lower than fixers but MP’s have a lot more afk damage. The 202 tormented revenant for lower-level dynas, but it tends to draw aggro it dies quickly to higher-level dynas. For higher levels a demon + defense setup MP tanking works better.
  • It’s possible to hot-swap one’s head implant with a portable surgery clinic in the middle of buffing since you mostly need MC when spawning attack pet, and BM mostly when spawning heal pet. If alot of your gear can also be hot-swapped and also quickly, then you can make an entire hot-swap sequence spread across multiple hotbars. For example equip treatment item 1,2,3,4 then sit then portable surgery clinic then unequip SI/PM headimp then equip MC head imp then equip MC TS nanoskill gear 1,2,3,4 then cast attack pet . You can repeat the whole thing for BM head imp for heal pet, or even longer include mezz pet sequence. This is how I play my froob lvl 25 MP self buffed.

Nano Technician

  • CrunchCom nanocost buffs also increase casting range
  • AOE blind Legions of the Eyeblighter actually debuffs more AAO and has a lower skill requirement than the single version Visions of the Void

Area of effect nukes

  • Kel’s Neutronium Plaything Has the lowest aoe damage/sec of all the highest nukes. It also suffers from a 120% NR check, but with 1000 MC skill you will still probably land it. Because this nuke has a long recharge delay this nuke you don’t have to stop very often compared to the other aoe nukes. This makes it the easiest to kite with.
  • Volcanic Eruption Has the highest aoe damage/sec in theory, however because of its 130% NR check it is sometimes countered by high Nano resist mobs like cyborg generals, lowering its actual damage/sec on those mobs. Therefore this nuke is best used on lower NR mobs.
  • Tremor Is has both high aoe damage/sec and a normal 100% NR check, making its actual damage on high NR mobs the highest of the nukes. However its nanocost and range are terrible, so if you have an OST to tank the mobs for you, you can use “health and nano rechargers” as much as you want, and little danger of being swarmed by a split second of lag. This nuke is perfect if you have an OST.
  • Blaze of Hephaestos This nuke suffers from a small blast radius, but otherwise a very good nuke. You can make a non-OST kite NT twink, built around this nuke.
  • Barrage of Fire This aoe nuke has a very low NR check of 65%, good for killing high-level monsters, however you might not want to have super high-level monsters running behind you when kiting, so its best to involve an OST or mad kiting skills if you plan on a twink using this.

Single target nukes + stun chance

  • Electrifying Containment, 850 MC
  • Furious Assault, 394 MC
  • Thunderous Blow, 216 MC

Special nukes

  • Izgimmer’s Enveloping Flame 554 dam/sec, 4400 taunt 847 MC
  • Gravitational Anomaly -200 evade debuff, 781 MC
  • Contained Plasma Sphere -1000 energy AC debuff ,633 MC
  • Burning Quartet fixed damage 584 MC
  • Ol’ Faithful fixed damage 456 MC
  • Feeble Gravitational Anomaly -75 evades debuff 422 MC

  • CrunchCom nanocost reducers also boost nanorange as a side effect, so if nanorange is your priority, use these.
  • Gravitational Anomaly and Feeble Gravitational Anomaly and lethargy all stack, if your goal is to lower a mobs’ evades.


  • Phalanx lets one soldier give another soldier 350 AC for only 4 ncu
  • Helepolis of the Besieger is a damage buff that lowers the target’s runspeed, its one of the few ways you can "snare" your teammates.


  • If you cast wrangle/AC buff/Lend nano on yourself before casting it on another person, you will lose (almost) no skill points.
  • Lesser Corporate Protection increases the chance of a mob being critted, for you AND everyone else.
  • Trader AC drains also boost damage to a mob for you AND everyone else. However these effects do not show up in a damage dump program, so you will not get any credit for it :slight_smile:
  • A skill drain has a very low recharge, you can fire off a mezz right after it, without the mob having time to hit you, this method can let you refresh your drains safely, while also letting you use recharge kits in between.
  • Trader damage buffs stack with normal damage buffs
  • A trader can also charm like a crat but cannot move while having a charm active. Because of traders’ skill drains they can charm higher level pets than crats, for their level. But once the drains run out you probably need mochams and a wrangle to be able to use the pet. See the crat guide for more information.
  • Only the top-level hagglers/team heal nanos are very effective.
  • Getting a reflect buff and wearing an energy reflect bracer lowers the damage portion from hagglers and team heals, making them more effective.
  • Grid Gateway and Personal Grid Beacon have different cooldown timers, so using one will not put the other in cooldown.

-stuff to still figure out-

  • where to get the following generic orphan nanos
    Nano Programming Expertise (stacks with composite)
    Psychology Expertise (stacks with composite)
    LR Energy Weapon Expertise (stacks with composite)
    Healing (only important for twinks)
    Weapon Enhancement (only important for twinks)
    Improve Health (not important, and only for twinks)
    Bot Mass Migration (not important)
    Tutoring Expertise (not important because you can still get from graft Boosted & Symbio-Grafts: Where to get)
    Composite Tradeskill Special Expertise (1 hour) (not important)
  • Can team beacon warp be used to wipe team agg? if so it might be possible to team-warp right before TMS of team 1’s soldier runs out, and then let Team 2’s soldier take over the tanking. Flipping back and forth endlessly. although the engie would have to single warp himself right after team warp because team warp doesn’t zone the engie casting it.
  • When being in a team for 2 hours, the "team level"goes up by 1 point. What does that affect?
  • Does equipping an item stop hostile nanos on u? just like it does with friendly nanos?
  • Is direct nano damage % calculated after or before add DD.
  • Does damage to nano stack with reflect shields like TMS?
  • Aside from half the foremans quest, are there any other quests that give a lot of xp, and arent level locked?

place holder cause it will get longer probly

another place holder just in case

I can confirm this. I’ve camped highql Rhinoman armor a few times. And if you exclusively kill the warchief it’ll respawn every 2-3min or so iirc.


I add the Discord Link

Didn’t see it - ctrl+right click on an item in inventory to move it to the sell window.

Nice guide!
Wording on that sentence is a little strange. I think you mean’t that when the mob is hit often enough by mezz pet, right? Should perhaps add there that those mezzes have 100% chance to break when attacked by players/other pets so it’s a good idea to have mezz pet on different mob than what you are attacking.

No, original wording is correct. If you hit frequently enough - you will not break the mezz. It’s a “feature” :wink:

But symbiants are not for froob guide :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the editing/formatting here is a bit lame. I never did get an answer about the character limit in a post. I’d been using “==================” to separate sections on the old forum and got “you can only have xx characters per post”-- think it was 25k. What was even more annoying was that the color/bold/ital tags counted against the limit.

Thanks alot for the feedback. It’s also fun how you can see who added what part to the guide, by looking at the comments :).

I believe it’s 50% Strength, 50% Agility.

Also a tip for Fixers:

Shift T to tradeskill:
Lock Pick (from ICC Tech Supply Terminal)
Nano Programming Interface (from Basic ICC Engineering Supplies Terminal)
NCU Hacker Interface (Best Fixer item eva)

I believe some Break&Entering skill is needed to assemble. Once completed, right click it to bump up the QL to match your level. (Don’t forget to keep increasing it when getting more levels later.)

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This is amazing that someone cared enough to take that amount of time and compile some really interesting secrets, some of these have been held close to the vest for decade, lol, in fact I’m pretty sure there was only a handful of us that knew of a few. VERY good job, epic initiative, and thanks for helping :slight_smile:

should add that nano damage is affected by + damage modifiers, so for froob nt, stacking add damage is amazing for aoe kiting or using candycane. Especially since there is a lack of good NT armor compared to paid.

Holy moly what a good guide, only just found it now.

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You can get Tutoring Expertise in a graft from the Den Smuggler Broker.

This thread is great, thanks for making it :heart: Very nice work.

First off.
Best. Froob. Guide. Since. Forever. And that says a lot (hahnsoo nods in agreement.)

Do any of the froobable MP mezz pets partially reset the mobs hate list? Even if nano effect description doesn’t mention it? I’m reasonably sure it does partially reset hate. I’ve learned the hard way while crawling dungeons and missions.

The following commentary is addressed to the current state of the game - froobs are typically forced to do a lot of soloing - or box two characters with a froob ally boxing two characters. We don’t play with well balanced full teams composed of individual gamers.

Single target mezz-stun versus AoE crowd control.

Generally speaking the last thing we want to happen is the combat target’s hate list getting altered after we enter combat; we want that hate focused on the Engie’s pet with the MP attack pet one step down the hate list. If the MP/Engie mind their own damage output then the heal pet will be third on the hate list - since it’s healing is focused on the engineer’s robotic pet.

If the MP focuses the mezz pet on the current combat target? The mob, after getting mezz-stunned, will usually attack the MP’s heal pet, kill it, and then either move back up the the hate list, or with equal probability, randomly hit the MP or Engie; disregarding melee range proximity. We’ve all seen that happen - the mob will ping-pong between targets.

If the team finds itself surrounded by hostile mobs then the engie should be spamming blind and the MP mezz-stunning blind resistant mobs - the MP really shouldn’t be mezzing the combat target.

Southern Foul Hills: Anvian Commanders for Nano Targeting Helper, Rings of Essence and Miy’s Tank Armor.

Three Static Missions at Sentinels Outpost Mort. The lowest level static mission building for Level 90-128ish Rhinoman Armor.

Drill Dentists along the southern wall Belial Forest drop loads of MIY’s Scary. Low level Drills in Milky Way at the Ship Crash Site.

Medusa are misandrists and, unless provoked, never attack female characters This behavior extends into RK missions. Very useful when scouting for pulls in DAV and EFP.

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Congratulations for all this informations, this is real usefull.

I’ve got questions about… general relativity.
I’m sure Hercules" Olympic Pills are ingame, i bought them from someone and it was not expensive (box in SL probably). But what about Einstein’s Mind Booster Cocktail ? We can see on gmi a BO for one cocktail : 300m, this is real expensive. Is it still ingame ? Or is it like a pionneer backpack which disapear after use (I won’t farm it in this case) ?

Have fun !


RK Missions: Rubi-Ka Mission Settings 101
CRU missions: https://www.ao-universe.com/guides/alien-invasion/quests-guides/cru-missions-quests
Daily Missions: https://www.ao-universe.com/guides/classic-ao/gameplay-guides-6/daily-missions-3

Mission terminals: https://www.ao-universe.com/guides/classic-ao/gameplay-guides-6/how-to-pull-a-mission

Pulling monsters: [Mission] Mob pulling , New Way

Froob can use CRU to top up controllers to 100% - and by doing so force AI city raids for loot. CRU mission chests, crates, boxes and crashed android drop far more NCU than RK missions per opened chest etc. I farmed them for experience and QL161+ NCU’s.