Guide for decorating tips and tricks on non modded

So it is that time again. I did my fighting, i did my building. Now that pesky thing called decorating… I have cleared out some peoples bases that were simply spectacularly decorated.
Now i am trying to do something like that but i think im missing:
A an eye for it
B knowledge
Now i am hoping that with more of B A eventually will come.
Anyone have some good guides or videos about it? And then i do not mean the basic stuff, i can place stuff on desks but just not always without it floating in the air etc.

This video might be a good starting point. From Bman Builds channel. He talks specifics and big picture concepts for decorating. I’ve never been one for making fancy structures, but this YouTube channel and Shadiversity have really made me think about putting effort into making a pretty build instead of just a functional build.

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