Guide for Starters: Climb the PvP Tiers as efficient as possible in AoC 2020 Crom Server (Don't give up)

This guide assumes you are a Starter, you are ‘‘Afraid of PvP’’ you have read the PvP guides on the forums already, you decided to stay on Crom which is more populated, you really want to PvP but most importantly ‘‘You got stuck’’ This will help you get unstuck.


  1. Understanding your Capabilities and potential.
  • You have to PvE, understand your class, what your abilities do and when they should be used, how they can be used more efficiently, how to combine them and implement them into your Builds (Class specifications) See Class guides.

  • Fullfilling certain tasks with your Character as effective as possible and correct your errors striving to complete tasks better than last time. Understanding what does ‘‘Not’’ work and when.

  • Cover the first steps for not ‘‘Loosing your self’’ into your class, building up AA/ Equipment, smaller steps without overstepping and filling gaps ‘‘things you lack for going one step further’’
    That’s the mindset you develop if you intend on mastering a Class and that’s the only way to enter PvP and become really competitive. It’s a long road but a rewarding experience.

  1. Starting to PvP
  • Dueling with friends is a first taste of PvP which can be accomplished at the Border Regions/ Field of the Dead Arena/ Khemi Arena. Perfect situation to see what works how on players, first taste of movement.

  • Entering PvP content with competitive PvPers is a first nightmarish/ frustrating/ discouraging experience. You must pass this test. You will ask yourself why to enter PvP, what do i gain for doing PvP etc. etc. Is it always like this? Will it always be like this? There must be more enjoyment right? Of course there is!

Healthy Competition, badass looking PvP gear, Achievement titles, Guild Rivalry slaughter!

  1. Having decided to stay
  • PvP Rank. The first thing you look at as a starter. Listen, on ‘‘Crom Server’’ that one especially means absolutely nothing more except of time invested. It’s a mechanic that gives you access to certain tiers of Gear, you can pretty much farm rocks and trees through the Bori altar forever and gain the rank if you are a slacker. You can also slack during the PvP event and just do the quests by capturing objectives and fill up with trophies.

  • PvP Titles. Well there are certain slack method ways for them but if you really want to PvP you will get a real sense of Achievement and Accomplishment once you gain it because it will be hardly earned. Or maybe you want to do that once your complete. Whatever suits you really.

  • PvP tokens. The fastest way, is forming a group, do PvP event and Bori, get the XP buffs up and signing for the next minigame alltogether. Finish, Rinse and Repeat.

  • PvP equipment. It’s the most effective type of gear for PvP. The Tiers are balanced, T2 will offer more mitigation and T3 is a huge and notable stat upgrade. You may prefer to save those campaign badges for T3 and once you got enough, you are more comfortable into buying special potions from the PvP armory vendors.

  • PvP based AA perks. These are critical. You will see the gap once you try to do some damage. You will just not do enough even against classes that can be taken down easilly. You will miss alot of kills and gain alot of deaths because of it. Regardless of your skill level. It’s a gap, you have to cover it to become competitive.

You are a starter. Get every help you can! Every tool. Your enemy has it already.

  1. How to improve.

Through the course of your PvP experience you will adapt and learn to move, hit, counter, gain the advantage. It will never be enough! There will be always a gap to close.
Here is how you close it:

  • Make the right build according to your mitigation/ evade - immunity/ critigation/ hit rating/ critical rating etc. Sometimes you can’t afford going more DPS and need the X tool to counter the Y problem. It’s like in PvE.

  • Start filling up the gap with AAs and equipment, thus allowing you to increase your damage output a bit more, or gain that X ability. Untill you’re maxed out, use a sophisticated method to get the best you can out of everything you have access to

  • Setup your Combat Forms. There are no fixed rotations but you can change stances to hit with X stun and land the X combo in X stance and immediatelly switch to another combat form. I tend to call that ‘‘Combat forms’’ usually it contains 3-4 abilities that are best used under the X conditions.
    They will make your life easier into reacting faster and less stressfull during a certain situation , thus giving you an extra edge against your enemy. Learn the basics first.

  • Setup your UI and Hardware. Work on your Mouses DPI (It’s a day and night difference) You need comfortable reach of your combos and abilities and movement should not tire you and restrict you. This is best accomplished with a mouse with sidekeys for directional arrows and some instant cast abilities or CC/ anti CC abilities depending on your class and preferences.

You can use the default UI or others.

  • Setup your Bars. Cast bars/ target portraits, targets ‘‘target’’ portrait, combo directional arrow squares, are best put into one place, like perhaps, left side of your character on screen so you can keep your eyes centered with peripheral vision and high situational awareness and be able to track enemy buffs and debuffs on you, or, yours on your enemy.

  • Optimize your game. Graphics, effects, HUD related options, everything to minimize framerate and it will also help with latency problems as much as possible. From the time you start till you tweak all of that you will see a ‘‘Day/ Night’’ difference.

  1. By fullfilling the forementioned, your effectivenes will increase massively from the time you first started doing PvP. This is where you will feel very confident and comfortable, since you will know your current limits and that from now on, you can only improve. Most importantly you will know ‘‘How’’ to improve.

A word of advice if you’re getting focused because you are low still, which may prevent you from enjoying PvP in group content.

‘‘Try to get focused by becoming a threat’’

That’s one step forward and when you are focused, exploit the fact, that the enemy is an ‘‘Uncoordinated Rabble’’ by making them ignore the real threats and objectives and tactically disrupt them to turn the odds againt them.

That’s just about it. Hyboria awaits you.

You may start as a PvP casual but trust me, you will become a PvP fanatic!


I really wouldn’t recommend the default UI as it is terrible, but at least enable seeing player’s buffs.

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Agreed. I started learning this game with the Default UI. After that i switched to Default UI Enhanced. It was good, but maintained many similars limitations. Switched 2 days before to Strange UI. It is excellent.

I am adding this also for anyone who tries it:

Only thing is to test the new UI, set it up and retest it, set up new keybinds and abilities, getting used to it again and so on. Find a setup which will not confuse you since you use different PvP and different PvE keybinds.
I try to put same type of combo on same keybind most of the times starting with PvP keybinds and adapt everything so it works everywhere as best as possible minimizing confusion.

It takes almost a week till you finally set it up and doing some content till you got used to it. Truth be said, keybind tweaks may happen all the way to endgame content but the sooner someone starts the better.