(guide)(froob) XP bonus twinking

Was going to tidy up the text a bit , but im in a hurry atm, so i will do that later.
These items/buffs are usefull for powerleveling, specially when using (OST +) NT.


-only one of the following can be active at one time

-these xp buffs stack with one of the above

  • Coalescing Energy Cascade 2% (for clans, seek Stella Barnes near the whompas of Old Athen,
    for omnis, go Omni-Trade and look around for Elliot Fairlane.
  • Arbiter’s Blessing 20% (recieved when accepting an Arbitration Drone mission in ICC holodeck, and refreshed once completed) (only active in subway/totw/Inner Sanctum)
  • Blessed by the Spirits alot% for 3 minutes, (recieved from a “Shadow Rift of the Spirits” inside RK missions)



  • ql 200 IQ rings, 7% X 2 (i don’t know were to farm em, please let me know) oe location may be RK mission chests.




  • Soltoyz Intimate Helper 3% (buy from fair trade)
  • Stripped Merit Board 5%, ( 50% chance from Entvined General 1520 794 in Arete, less chance from surrounding mobs)
  • Token boards 3-7% depending on amount of tokens (farm tokens with dailies/other missions)


  • ql 100 xp implants 11% total (make them in implant shop, make sure u use the tradeskill kit , so they dont level over 100, that way lvl 50-99 chatacters can equip them)


  • Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats 1% (Halloween, Uncle Pumpkin)




  • AOE killing alot of mobs at the same time + Temporary xp buff from a Expansion Crat 100% / 75%


The daily mission Extraction / Contingent spy, you can re-enter the building to make the mobs respawn instantly. (don’ t know if people can be warped in though, stil has to be tested)

Froobs can receive the XP buff from entering a city sauna. Will not stack with certain experience buffs.

Froob Bureaucrat suit, dark pistol, pistol of the revolked, briefcase of holding.

Union buff video. https://youtu.be/aOoE5A_5YUQ


Things froobs can and cannot use: http://www.aofroobs.com/viewtopic.php?t=9764

RK mission chests. I’ve never looted experience rings from outdoor mobs or dynas but some people claim to have done so.