(guide)(froob) XP bonus twinking

Was going to tidy up the text a bit , but im in a hurry atm, so i will do that later.
These items/buffs are usefull for powerleveling, specially when using (OST +) NT.
You basically only need 1 complete set (multiple nano cans), in order to level your new characters.
All you have to do is take the xp gear off the character when he’s at the desired level, and keep it in some bags for the next character.


-only one of the following can be active at one time

-these xp buffs stack with one of the above

  • Coalescing Energy Cascade 2% (for clans, seek Stella Barnes near the whompas of Old Athen,
    for omnis, go Omni-Trade and look around for Elliot Fairlane.
  • Arbiter’s Blessing 20% (recieved when accepting an Arbitration Drone mission in ICC holodeck, and refreshed once completed) (only active in subway/totw/Inner Sanctum)
  • Blessed by the Spirits alot% for 3 minutes, (recieved from a “Shadow Rift of the Spirits” inside RK missions)



  • ql 200 IQ rings, 7% X 2 (i don’t know were to farm em, please let me know) oe location may be RK mission chests.




  • Soltoyz Intimate Helper 3% (buy from fair trade)
  • Stripped Merit Board 5%, ( 50% chance from Entvined General 1520 794 in Arete, less chance from surrounding mobs)
  • Token boards 3-7% depending on amount of tokens (farm tokens with dailies/other missions)


  • ql 100 xp implants 11% total (make them in implant shop, make sure u use the tradeskill kit , so they dont level over 100, that way lvl 50-99 chatacters can equip them)


  • Sunglasses of Syncopated Heartbeats 1% (Halloween, Uncle Pumpkin)




  • AOE killing alot of mobs at the same time + Temporary xp buff from a Expansion Crat 100% / 75%


The daily mission Extraction / Contingent spy, you can re-enter the building to make the mobs respawn instantly. (don’ t know if people can be warped in though, stil has to be tested)

Froobs can receive the XP buff from entering a city sauna. Will not stack with certain experience buffs.

Froob Bureaucrat suit, dark pistol, pistol of the revolked, briefcase of holding.

Union buff video. https://youtu.be/aOoE5A_5YUQ


Things froobs can and cannot use: http://www.aofroobs.com/viewtopic.php?t=9764

RK mission chests. I’ve never looted experience rings from outdoor mobs or dynas but some people claim to have done so.