Guide to modding the existing map

Hi guys, don´t know if there are any modders on here, but have been having difficulties finding a good support forum/community for the devkit.

I´ve set out to start at modding, mainly to make our own dedicated server reflect our play style. I recently did a small mod to reduce the dmg of explosive jars and reduce HP of chests. The mod is working (yeah) so next step for me would be to block building in different places on the map.

Unfortunately I have little idea as to how this is done in the devkit, and I have been unable to find any guides.

One guy told me to load the Conansandbox level, and in the worldoutliner search for buildingblock. I have done this and apparently this is the existing blocked areas. All I see though, is some kind of mesh.

I need help figuring out how to make “no build” zones around the existing map. Examples: I want the entire volcano to be a no build zone. Also I want to prevent building in existing NPC buildings, existing caves, on top of peaks (apex bases) and such.

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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