Guild bank bug: locked items


In one of my characters i can’t move items from my guild bank, i have 30+ inventory slots free and i’m the leader. I have relogged multiple times and try in other towns/traders, nothing works. In other alts (in other guilds and account) i don’t have problems, so it’s account based. Alts in other accounts also can’t move items.

I have been playing for more than 3 years and this is a recurrent bug.

I need the items for a Unconquered character and i can’t wait until the bug fixes by itself (that takes some weeks)


If you are using a Custom UI, Disable it. It has been known to happen when you change resolution.


I’m using Vanilla, but i’m gonna try to change resolution to see if that works. Still bugged. But thanks for the help.


Just have to ask; Does the character you’re trying to use have the correct guild level / access? It’s not so much that YOU are the guild leader, it’s that one of your CHARACTERS is the guild leader.


I’m the creator of the guild (and only character in it), cimmerian type, rank 5 and lvl 20+ character. But that isn’t the problem, i have another guild in the same account (same character/ guild characteristics) and i’m locked to move items too, but i can retrieve money from the bank. I think the account is bugged, with other accounts i don’t have the problem.


are you trying to move resources to the normal inventory ?


No, weapon and armors.