Guild city Transfer?

I am recently back in game, after taking two years off.
I want to start a new guild and transfer my old guild city to my new guild.
Is this possible and if so, how do I do it?
Thank you for any feedback.

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Why don’t you just keep your guild and rename it? That way you keep all the things like renown level and so on.
I don’t think a guild city transfer is possible, at least I have never hear of it, also the support response times are insanely long currently (something like 3 or 4 months even for billing issues) so I doubt you would get an answer anytime soon regarding this kind of request.

If you create a new guild, you will have to rebuild the city from the ground.
It will save a lot of time to use an existing guild with a city and rename it (you will need to be top ranking officer in the guild to do that), as Force wrote.

Thanks guys.
So I would be best to take my guild leader of old guild(with city) remake the new guild and then invite all players back to that guild, rather than other way??
Or can I just invite the guild leader to new guild. Will the city go with him of be lost??

Not making a new guild at all. Rename the guild that has the guildcity.

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Guild cities do not move at all, if there is no one in that guild that it is associated with its lost.

Everyone has to join the guild that the city is attached to.

The Guild city lost.

Make the guild leader of the old guild pass the guild lead of the old guild to your toon, your toon has to be in the guild. Then you give the guild a new name, and you have what you want: The old city with a new name. Then you can kick old members if you want, and invite new ones.
If your old guild leader is not active, write a /petition. If he has been offline for 90 days or more the GM can give the lead of the guild to an active toon with the next highest rank.
Just to clearify: A guild is always tied to its city, not to a toon or a leader. As long as there is one toon in the guild, it exists. If the last toon leaves, the guild and its city is deleted. You can always change the name and the leader, but not the location of the guild city.