Guild notifications randomly not showing up

When someone in guild levels up, sometimes the notification shows up in the chat window, and sometimes it doesn’t. Same thing happens with guild log in/out notifications. Some show up, some don’t. When I noticed it yesterday, it was only in the General tab, they still showed up in the Guild tab. But today, I noticed there were some that weren’t showing up in either tab.

(edit: this is on the Saga server, I haven’t been on Crom much lately, so I have no idea if it’s happening there as well)

This just happened to me on the Saga Server. I was in Vanaheim Conalls valley night, level 49. I ported into Blue Mountains and the xp gained brought me to 50. I received no on-screen notifications, no chat log notifications, no Guild Annoucement, etc. The only thing I saw was the Saga Quest reward popup waiting for me. Others in guild saw me level up.