Gullah is waiting

Someone on my Server got today the message “Gullah is wating” while he was in the Jungel Area.
Someone knows anything about that?

Well, Gullah is the name of a pictish gorilla deity if I’m not mistaken.

What do you mean by message? NPC subtitle? If it’s subtitle it’s just a term of a lemurian (or maybe Darfari) NPC when you aggro them. And yes Gullah is a pictish god.
Like nordheimer, they sometimes say I will join Atali. A reference to the lore, Atali is the daughter of Ymir.

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it was a message on the screen.

Yes could be, maybe one of his NPCs did aggro an animal ther or so. It was in his Base. And we thought there is a secret in the game :DDD

I was excited when I first encountered this because I thought it meant Gullah was the final god. Turns out it’s Jhebbal Sag, which still makes sense. Gullah (known as Jullah in the Black Kingdoms) is a son of Jhebbal Sag. The other prominent son of Jhebbal Sag is Jhil, the raven god. I suppose that with all of the gorillas in the swungle that Funcom thought a reference to Gullah was appropriate.

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Or when you aggro Darfari and they say “Yog will have your soul.”

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