Hack problem in server 1941

Where and who i write to for a problem with hack in server 1941 ?

Considering there isn’t a hack problem on 1941, you don’t. I’ve played on 1941 since official release and find it funny I have no clue who you are. I’m very familiar with Pwnys very inconvenient wall around Asgarth and the giant sprawling highway he built, however. None of it is against the TOS and he isn’t blocking access to anything. So maybe find another server as opposed to complaining about how he spent his hours on the server if it bothers you.

Why more than 20 person around said he hack and build this in few weak ?

Building a wall around New Asagarth wouldn’t take any more then a couple days

He build all around the world a Path tier3 from the volcano to all interess point in the map XD

More than 20 people told you that huh? That’s interesting since that wall is nearly 6 months old, his road is 3-4 months old and there aren’t even 10 people who are still active on that server that were playing when he built them. And there is nothing game breaking about what he built. Parts of it are rather annoying, but that isn’t against the rules. People doing something in a public space you may not appreciate is a part of life. I don’t care for the wall around Asgarth, the road is a bit excessive, but at the same time it’s pretty good troll prevention.

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