Hacker are killing the game


I m sorry but this problems keep happening, server 3540, ps4 i got wipped, 1 clan (the alphas) teleported inside my base and looted everything, i got 42 layers of fence foundations, yes 42 so people couldnt enter and save my goodies inside. This was on eastern barracks on the cave in the left, . Got 42 layers inside and 5 outside so no One can reach the inside by some gaps on temple… No layer were destroyed, they just teleported inside. I try to engage them and One guy stood still when i was hitting with arrows and then insta heal, then i could not hit him anymore, i got hits but no damage was donne, serius funcom this is the 3 x this happening i m quiting this game since u cant on officials server manage its intigraty , this issue keeps happening Over and Over and thousands of players keep complaning, this killing the game!!!


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