Hacker on Latin America Official Server #1996

Hello Community , Ignasis , Hugo
*** PLEASE, can somoene tag Community, Ignasis and Hugo here? I`m new to forum and cannot tag people nor put links, joined the forum just to report the cheater ***

There`s a hacker on LA Official Server #1996 ■■■■■■■ everybody.
He can cross through walls, blink, he’s 3 times faster than anyone.

His in game name i Berseker Cimerio, and his steam name (when I crossed his path) was “451”.

Timestamp to find him: 04/18/2020, 1:32 AM - He was killing and bothering players on Mounds of Deads. Killed me and looted me at that time (My in game name is Lobz, steam name Lobz).

He also got in my wheel of pain builiding today morning (04/18/2020 : 08:02) (crossing walls) and stole my thralls.

People on chat spoted him on Steam, and said his steam id is this one on steam: profiles/76561199047532282/ (But you must confirm that).

This is important:

*** This hacker is probably feeding some other character or clan, because he`'s stealing a lot of things from everyone, I hope you get them too, otherwise they can simply create a new steam account for a new hacker character and keep feeding. ***
He stole 3 cimerian bersekers and 1 darlinsia from me just today. He raids people crossing walls without exploding them.

I’m playing in this server for 1 week, and since day 1 people complains about this cheater.

Thanks in advance.


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